Meet Ghali, the Italian Rap Star Pushing a Message of Love and Unity

As part of British GQ and Gucci’s ongoing creative collaboration, The Performers, we traveled with Italian super star Ghali Amdouni, and his mother, back to the family’s home country of Tunisia. What followed was a journey of self-reflection and discovery.

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Meet Ghali, the Italian Rap Star Pushing a Message of Love and Unity


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27 thoughts on “Meet Ghali, the Italian Rap Star Pushing a Message of Love and Unity

  1. Quick guide for people that don’t know this artist, to get why we love him: he’s genuine, doesn’t pretend to be someone he isn’t like most artists, he’s a polyglot and sings in Arab, Italian, French and English simultaneously, and also even tho he’s not standard educated he has the manners of a true gentleman. Truly a gem in Europe’s scene.

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  3. It's sad how someone so respectful and accomplished such as ghali can be insulted with the comparison to low quality rappers like lil pump.
    This guy is one of the most inspiring and respected artists around the world but many ignorant people who are so closed within their world of familarity can't see how good international artists can be

  4. Y'all calling him "pretentious" because he acts like he's famous while you and your friends never heard of him. Lemme tell you one thing: he acts like he's famous because he is. He may be a nobody in the Us or outside of Italy and Tunisia in general but in Italy and Tunisia he's well known. He's one if not the most famous trapper in Italy among young people and I guess he's also the most famous Tunisian artist at the moment, even though he doesn't make music in Tunisian so of course he's gonna be known even there. Just because you don't know him it doesn't mean he isn't famous, not everything gotta be about the Us, I hope y'know.

  5. He doesn't look like Lil Pump, Lil pump is 5'6 (167 cm) meanwhile Ghali is 6'4 (194 cm). Also Ghali dresses way better. He's the most fashionable trapper in Italy. His music may be commercial most of the times but it's alright

  6. Thats kinda what rap was in black culture and what it always was until it was commercialized i mean what is supposed to happen lol nobel peace prize? Hip hop isn’t hip hop anymore once its about money

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