Mexican Rapper Dissolves 3 Students in Acid for Infamous Drug Cartel

Remember that scene in the first season of Breaking Bad when Walter White and Jesse Pinkman need to dispose of a corpse, opting to use hydrofluoric acid? Turns out, as Agence France-Presse reports, a Mexican rapper and YouTuber known as QBA has been found guilty of doing exactly that.

Christian Omar Palma Gutierrez, who goes by the name QBA online and as a recording artist, has been arrested alongside another suspect in connection with the murders of three students. The bodies of Salomon Gastelum, Daniel Diaz, and Marco Avalos were reportedly disposed of using acid. Gutierrez told Mexican prosecutors that he dissolved their bodies in acid after they were kidnaped and subsequently murdered.

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  1. Lowkey @complex why the fuck do y’all have to put “Mexican Rapper” Instead of just rapper, why add more controversy around mexicans like damn… I couldn’t imagine putting “French Rapper” African Rapper” “Indian Rapper” imagine just put rapper, a rapper is just a rapper damn! Like for real

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