Michael Blackson Joins to Talk Kevin Hart Beef, Netflix Deals, Monique, Cardi B + More

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Comedian Michael Blackson joined the crew to roast Akademiks, talk about rap beef, his issues with Kevin Hart, Mo’Nique’s Netflix deal, and much more.

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37 thoughts on “Michael Blackson Joins to Talk Kevin Hart Beef, Netflix Deals, Monique, Cardi B + More

  1. Star couldn't deal with Blackson's shtick comedy. It made the show awkward and cringe with the corny jokes and sympathy laughing. Blackson could barely hold together once Star jumped in his ass.

  2. Fuck these interviewers for not enjoying his jokes..fuck these modafakas ..they call his fake accent, mothafoka just enjoy his vibe man cx he's funny as fuck..shut that dumb neega on the left modafocka ..hate him for not enjoying mike man

  3. For everyone lookin for the Michael Blackson And Star back nd forth….it starts here 😂😂😂


    It’s no real tension tho. We all know Star is strictly about business. He’s here to talk about the talk shows topics. That’s it.

    Michael Blackson On the other hand….we know does wtf he wants 🤣

    Nadeska being the main host, she really didn’t do much to intervene with Blacksons rants/Joke sess’ This annoys Star eventually because he wants to talk about actual subjects. Not just go on tangents about fat guy this, forehead this…

    Blackson realized eventually it’s no a comedy show, it’s a talk show. He toned down a bit and the show went back to normal

  4. I'm definitely here for Michael Blackson and not DJ Akademiks… It's really hard to listen to Akademiks talk, because he's such a little punk and I just cringe whenever he opens his fat mouth… I hate that guy so much. Lol.

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