Michael Rapaport Trashes Lonzo Ball’s Debut Album

To say that actor and director Michael Rapaport makes his feelings on LaVar Ball and Lonzo Ball known is putting it lightly, as he’s never missed a chance to speak up about either of them in recent times. He also fancies himself as something of a rap critic, so when Lonzo Ball shared his debut rap album Born 2 Ball, it was only a matter of time before Rapaport chimed in with his verdict. He’s already called Lonzo’s music “garbage” in the past, and he took it a step further with Born 2 Ball.

“Lonzo Ball’s rap album is everything you’d expect… and less,” he says in a post he shared to Instagram. “Some people might call Born 2 Ball trap music, well that’s an insult to trap music. This ain’t trap music, this trash music. I will say the most interesting song on the record is titled ‘LaVar’, so the most interesting thing on Lonzo Ball’s rookie hip-hop CD is LaVar, and the most interesting thing about Lonzo Ball’s rookie NBA season… is LaVar.”

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38 thoughts on “Michael Rapaport Trashes Lonzo Ball’s Debut Album

  1. This dude Skip Bayless Jr. Making his career on the back of another man. No substance just hate… Haters will hate especially when u changing the game. Ppl don't hate on unsuccessful Ppl. Hate on whoever you are you will male it better for the #BBB. Skip Jr! LeBron James keeps him relevant and Zo will help u out chump

  2. Let that young boy experiment with his energy SHIT‼️ These kids attention spans are short as a BITCH and they could easily be out in the streets or in China STEALING SHIT! Instead, he think he got some music juice. All rising musicians do, whether they do in that moment or not. This is a full blow grown man with nothing better to do than to pick apart a young boys desire to keep his mind busy and develop new talents to keep him relevant and PAID smfh. LORDT. Throw the whole damn man away 🚮🚮😩

  3. Y'all be hating heavy y'all do know y'all the ones losing in life, who wouldn't love to put up average stats and make millions, slot of y'all talking shut probably the hardest worker at at y'all job and broke as duck so who's really trash

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