Migos Dropping Too Much? Uzi vs DJ Drama, TDE Tour, Ghostwriting | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Nadeska, and Star start the show clearing the air about the first episode with the new crew. They later jumped into topics about Migos releasing too much music, the new TDE tour, Lil Uzi Vert battling DJ Drama, and much more

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42 thoughts on “Migos Dropping Too Much? Uzi vs DJ Drama, TDE Tour, Ghostwriting | Everyday Struggle

  1. If you think Star doesn’t know Hip Hop and the music business, then you are an ignoramus. He’s been in the media/hip hop/radio/music business for decades. Since the early 90’s writing for the Source Magazine and other hip hop publications.

  2. this fool star throwing out names he googled before the show can't even name one of their songs. that classic "it's hard to pick just one song" that's what fools say when they don't know what the fuck they talking about

  3. "i don't give a shit i just care about the end result" this is exactly why this dude Star doesn't belong on this show and why it sucks now. He has no knowledge or passion about the craft of hip hop, he's just a radio personality. i used to hate on ak a little but at least he cares about hip hop and has well crafted opinions. he's got no one to debate with.

  4. Yall need to do a favour for your show and cut this clown off, makes me uncomfortable just watching this, if Joe was there he would've ate this nigga alive

  5. Bruh if we fuck with the show then we gotta stop operation #DownVoteAndDip since we finally got another real one on board. We ain't getting Joe back. Star might be better tho. Let's rock with it for a sec, before we lose Ak too, and Nadeska end up moderating a show with Lord Jamar and Dj Smallzeyes.

  6. ak is so fucking corny and he's a fan of everyone. this nigga has the worst taste in music he's a huge fan of a nigga w 2 songs he needs to admit that he's gay af

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