23 thoughts on “Mike Epps Talks Kevin Hart, Bill Cosby, Hollywood Gatekeepers + More

  1. I saw him live he found Epps is found as hell. Everyone say my ex look just like him. I no he act like the people Epps act like on his day off getting fired lol. How could you get fired on your day off,?

  2. Mike Epps is a real nigga and I respect him to the fullest but I feel like Kev is just rolling with his blessings and he's reaching his goals. Don't hate on the plug, BECOME the plug…ya dig

  3. Thank you for sharing more about KH…my question?? Who invested in him? Their money is wasted. I been watching good comedians since I was a child…Straightforward names….Jackie-Lassen  and  Robin McLaurin Williams, Flip Wilson ////color met nothing as I was a child…just do true good old jokes…I recall The  The Ed Sullivan Show ///yes I am a proud mix women…I stand on a strong foundation…I would request…comedians  go back and study these people…I will not leave Mr. Bill C.  out…I was a raped more than one time…these women sold their souls…but found hell as a raped women…me as was raped over and over….no escaped…so yes Bill C.  is and will always be the best!

  4. Okay IMO what Mike needs to understand is that if he continues to be "cryptic" about Kevin Hart, all he leaves the general public with is what "it looks like." With that being said, to me "it looks like" Mike's jealous & hatin' on Kevin's success

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