Millyz & Dave East – Trafficking Bizzness (Official Music Video)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Trafficking Bizzness” by Millyz & Dave East.
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Dave East & Millyz team up for a collaborative EP titled “Pablo & Blanco.” The records and visuals from the EP were recorded in Medellin, Colombia and consists entirely of Colombia themed production. The full EP is OUT NOW via WorldStar Distro!

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“Trafficking Bizzness” Lyrics:

Millyz – verse

Ducking them federal buildings
exhaling the smoke out a cuban
I put the ice in the cuban 40 foot yacht on the ocean cruising
We in the trafficking business all that we know distribution
I wrap up the package and ship it
Pablo can show you the blueprint
I play La Playa with 42
She wanna fuck and I’m horny too
Her friend want to be in the orgy too
I move with the Swamy it’s portable
Plug on the bricks I could quote a few
High-level rap I got quotable‘s
blanco and Pablo it’s overdue
Pablo an Blanco it’s overdue
I had to swim with piranhas

My bitch into Prada
Bend on your strip like it’s Gaza
Don’t pull out your phone like a blogger
You in the presence of mobsters
we talking murder shit over lasagna
bro got a 30 clip shooting like contra
I was just serving shit out of the Honda
I was just serving shit white as Ivanka
I’m not with the politics
This dope got a pile of it
Fly on some pilot shit
Drippin designer these bitches acknowledge it
stars in the roof like the whips an astrologist
i’m not with the politics
This dope got a pile of it
Fly on some pilot shit
Trappin in dorms was serving in colleges
go ask the plug he’ll tell you what time it is Blanco

Dave East – Verse

We talking murder right over spaghetti
Sipping Azul to the face got me deady
Leather my gloves hold that Nina so steady
Blanco and Pablo I dolce gabana my poncho
I just shot a porno in the condo
Chocolate petite
She just came from Largos
Freak of the week everything she just swallows (lord)
now all my ex bitches trying to get back on board
Like bitch I was bord,
Dont put on shit you could get from the store
Might send ya bitch to the store
like bring back some chicken you whore
Blanco we broke down the blanco on plates
I seen this vision before
Early we on it we get off these grams
I’m in Christian Dior
Nigga my kids in Dior
Product we bottled it
politicked over a scholarship that’s a free ride snap out of it
Mafia gumbo acknowledge it
this life will fuck up your conscious Pablo and Blanco shit
Paddick just fucked up her mind an shit pussy was good so I climbed in it
She said I’m all in her spine with it
Blanco that’s Primo high level timeless shit
got with the plug cause I’m confident

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