Modified RWD 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo – One Take

This 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo is one of the cleanest examples I’ve seen in a long time. It’s been modified with JRZ Shocks, lightweight wheels, an aftermarket exhaust and some interior bits, and most importantly, converted to RWD.


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47 thoughts on “Modified RWD 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo – One Take

  1. seemed pretty tight he turned around his special occasion car in the sand and rocks instead of the tarmac right before it lmfao, lot of comments on this dude not acting like a little school girl. like what do you want from him, he's chill… should he act like he's never been in a lambo before?

  2. This guy comes off like he didn’t earn his money on his own. You can tell by his lack of appreciation for things and his little snotty boy attitude. I personally thought he was a total lame.

  3. That guy lowkey was shitting his pants from Matt’s driving lol. He’s was probably thinking fuck this guys driving the shit out of my car, I don’t even do that 🤣🤣

  4. I just bought a 14 Gallardo a few months ago and I absolutely LOVE it. I can't compare it to the Huracan but I definitely find it much more fun to drive than a 570s and even more fun than my Vette which I also like better than the 570s. That single clutch is really a lot of fun.

  5. Even though it's probably a more proper position for the paddles to be on the column because you shouldn't shift in a turn, I would like the paddles on the wheel better so that they are always ready for shift

  6. Im 14 just did my first major fix on my 97 Mercury Mountaineer replacing the engine belt, tension-er, u-joint, sway bars, and power steering pump then rotating the tires (catty-corner since its AWD but the tires arent all the same size, yayyy…) insurance said the car was totaled so me and my mom went and took good parts off older f-150's and the like from a junkyard. Once I save up some money Im gonna rework the entire suspension and swap the AWD for the 4WD from the other model Mountaineer and do a little work on the engine. Gotta love bein broke, you learn stuff you usually wouldn't otherwise self taught haha

  7. 01:09 Yes Matt, they do sound different. Thats because the early models have a totally different engine than the facelifted models from '08 to '14!
    The early cars feature the 5.0 litre port injected even-firing Lamborghini V10, the later cars feature the redesigned 5.2 litre FSI (direct injected) odd-firing Audi V10.
    The basic design for that engine came from Lamborghini, but it didn't really suffice for the standards that Audi had drawn out for the new engine they needed for the R8. Initially there were no plans to put a V10 into the R8, but later on the company decided that the R8 needed more power. So they took the Lamborghini-made 5.0 and redesigned it. The biggest changes Audi made were giving it the FSI treatment (Audi-speak for direct fuel injection), an odd firing order (!) and also higher compression ratio and slightly higher displacement by increasing the stroke slightly. The cylinder heads were also slightly modified for the engine to rev even higher. So basically exept for some of the accessories like the alternator no parts are interchangeable in between the older 5.0 and the newer 5.2. The engine (after the redesign) was then used in the first generation of the R8 V10 and also in the facelifted Gallardo ('08-'14), completely replacing the old 5.0.
    The difference in sound obviously comes from the different firing order. Since the 5.0 fires evenly, it has much more of a screamy tonality to it, kind of more what a straight 10 cylinder engine would sound like. In comparison the 5.2 has an odd firing order and hence it sounds a bit more burbly, more like two slightly offset inline five engines.

    Basically one could say the basic design of the glorious 5.2 FSI V10 is of Lamborghini origins, but it was heavily refined by Audi. Best of both worlds I'd say. I just hope it will sitck around for some more time, since its essentially the last big displacement, high-revving, naturally aspirated high-performance engine in a production car. Except for Porsche's 4.0 Flat Six, Ferrari's V12 and Lamorghini's V12 (of which the latter one will reach the end of its production life next model year).

  8. I just don't like the 1st Gen of this model it's ugly to me not to mention poor quality, I know these we're long before Audi owned Lamborghini…… Lamborghini has come so far with Parent companys Volkswagen and Audi

  9. Is it just me or is the owner much better than these comments are claiming? Idk, but he seemed pretty chill to me. He maintained a good conversation with Matt and didn't have to be asked a question to talk or bring up a topic on his own. Sure, he may not have smiled a whole bunch and he was a bit snarky sometimes ("the brakes work"), but overall, he was engaged in the conversation with Matt pretty well. I don't get why everyone is saying he sucked and made this video depressing. He seemed pretty chill to me. You don't have to be uber enthusiastic and out there just to connect with someone…

  10. I'd like to see a review from you on the new Alfa Romeo Giorgio Giulietta. Has a bi-turboed 90° V6 version of the Ferrari California V8 @ 505hp. Top speed 191mph and a 3.1sec 0-60 time, if I remember correctly. I'm wanting one, but wondering how big guys like us would feel in it.

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