Mo’Nique Makes Charlamagne tha God Answer for Naming Her ‘Donkey of the Day’

Mo’Nique’s fight for racial and gender equality continues with an appearance on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

But first, she had a bone to pick with Charlamagne tha God, who named her “Donkey of the Day” a few weeks ago when she called for a Netflix boycott after they allegedly lowballed her for a comedy special. In the interview, Mo’Nique hilariously referred to Charlamagne by his government name, Lenard, and said he “really caught [her] off guard.” Then, she straight up asked him why he did it.

For Charlamagne, it was really simple. He said this is a “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately industry” and that Mo’Nique hasn’t done anything…lately. “How much more,” she asked, “do I have to do, brother?” She then cited that she was in a movie, Almost Christmas, which had a budget of $17 million but later made $45 million while Amy Schumer’s film, Snatched, also made $45 million but had a budget of $42 million. (Numbers don’t lie.)

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24 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Makes Charlamagne tha God Answer for Naming Her ‘Donkey of the Day’

  1. She’s ducking and dodging her own shit. Bottom line, she feels she should get paid more by Netflix, where the fuck did gender and race come from? She’s reaching for relevancy now.

  2. Nah he doesnt need to back track. Amy sold out many venues (I dont think she funny either) Mo cant sell out like Amy. That's the prime thing.

    Stop using movie resumes to back a stand up comedy job. A movie has MANY people involved. Stand up its just you up there. Mo needs to start a tour and show people on a comedy level she still in deamnd. Like Rock and Chapelle.

    Its business. Amy (I don't like her comedy) has shown she's good for it BECAUSE she has sold out shows all over. But Mo. You need to show your still in demand.

    Start a tour. You'll make money off of that then you can top it off woth a Netflix check that you can negotiate because now youve shown you drawing power in this day amd age.

  3. why do you guys force agendas on us cant you just report news in the industry? What the hell was that last line "we're staring to think he might want to" in regards to CtG stating himself that "he was not backtracking"

  4. All she's doing is trivializing racism, by turning her little(most likely justified on Netflix's part) situation into a big civil rights issue. Fuck you Complex! Always virtue signalling.

  5. Clearly Natasha didn’t do enough research, when the fact that Monique said that her and her husband made a counter offer to nextflix after they offered her 500K and her husband said that they did in fact DID NOT MAKE AN COUNTER OFFER to Netflix should tell you everything you need to know.

    Monique tells lies to profit her self despite not putting in the work that Dave Chappelle, chris Rock and Amy shumer have made.

    Natasha please spend more than 5 mins of watching 1 YouTube video of research before posting a video.

    Monique and her husband got ethered on the breakfast club. And if you can’t see that then you are easily manipulated.

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