More Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones for Defamation

Right-wing talking head and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is being sued by more family members of Sandy Hook victims after Jones claimed the shooting was a government hoax, according to ABC. The six families, and an FBI agent who responded to the shooting, brought their case to court on Wednesday in Connecticut. Family members of two of the 26 victims filed a similar suit against Jones last month in Travis County, Texas, where Jones lives and runs his show Infowars.

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza killed 20 first-graders and six educators at the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school. He later killed himself. The new lawsuit claims Jones and his media outlet have continued to published conspiracies with “abusive and outrageous false statements.”

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50 thoughts on “More Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones for Defamation

  1. DO NOT believe ANYTHING Alex Jones said. He is a puppet for the elite. He makes you think he is on the side of the people, but he is a government shill. He tells you just enough info to get you angry but not enough info to tell the full truth and divulge secrets. DO NOT trust this man. He is not on our side, he is against us.

  2. Alex Jones fans, if you ever come to the West Coast and say the crap you are saying here, you will get your spoiled brat Republican Millennial butts kicked. People here don’t like Donald Trump, and they definitely don’t like “people” like you! Those were little children that were murdered, you disgusting inhuman worms. Your racist parents should be jailed for teaching you that garbage. They are obviously stupid people.

  3. I just searched through two pages of results to get to these.

    in the first top 20 results are Alex Jones is a bad bad man for questioning the government's narrative.

    You never get close to the truth unless you're willing to ask uncomfortable questions.

    Everybody's trying to play up that they're upset Alex Jones would be ask to walk of the Gallows plank if you believed you were being misled being walked off a plank aka "Gun Control aka People Control" in the guise of irrationally blaming every gun owner for the actions of 1 supposed child that would commit so many murders yet a man was found in the woods shouting I didn't do it.

    What kind of killer would do that after being at a murder scene full of more than a dozen children?

    The whole story is irrational and stinks to high heaven of government corruption.

    Not too dissimilar from the Vegas shooting. AKA we had over 2, 000 1080p cameras and we didn't get one clear picture of the assailant.

    Or his guest that he got food for the night before and was on the receipt.

    But strangely NO new video can be found of the man and the casino security CAN see and can detect one hidden card in someone's sleeve BUT???? They can't find a man walking around in a casino???

    Not to mention the police got caught in multiple lies when proof of police radio at the scene contradicts the narrative.

    The laptop hard drive with a computer plugged into the wall and open has gone missing from the evidence Locker but prior to it going missing the police said they never acquired a hard drive.

    Again got caught in another lie.

    But now they're closing the case with no leads no answers and no reason for them lying and getting caught lying in the press conferences that they were kicking out press that asked uncomfortable questions and wouldn't let them come back in the subsequent conferences.

    watch the conferences in listen for who's asking questions then watch the subsequent conferences those people are missing from the police conference interviews.

    Alex Jones also showed that the parents at the Sandy Lake shooting we're getting meals off the top of a truck and going in to wear their kids were supposedly murdered and having lunch who goes into a school full of Gore of your children and eats lunch?

    yes little Timmy is splattered on the wall but let me go eat my pre-packaged lunch that just happened to be on the scene immediately after the murders but I'm going to go inside where my kid was killed and eat lunch???


  4. People , this isn't about some conspiracy theory guy causing harm to the survivors. It is about CENSORSHIP. They were looking for someone to ban and Alex was hated enough to get people to agree with him being shut down. People who don't see the big picture of free speech. Of stopping the sharing of ideas , even if they are just conspiracy theories. Of the power of the people to dissect and investigate events shown on t.v. There are laws in effect already to stop someone from harming another person. Censoring and wiping 10 years of video, unrelated to Sandy Hook is wrong. This is a test to see how far the left can push their agenda of censoring the right.

  5. Alex Jones is controlled opposition and Sandy Hook was a staged event with no deaths. It's telling that these "parents of dead children" haven't sued the Sandy Hook school board for what they allege took place at the school but they are "suing" Alex Jones.

  6. Why's only one bank building all the homes and all the people being new home owners just recently? Some kind of secret military town of private owned military families? It seems real odd but I'm sure these folks won't be exposed in court either. I wonder what they all do for a living if not military.

  7. Oh can we forget the snowflake feelings of the families for gods sakes? We are looking for truth, geez, you question something today and it's taboo because somebody's feelings may get hurt, fuck that.,.. we want facts and anything that is taboo to question is questionable indeed.. Sandy Hook had VERY SUSPICIOUS SHIT, period. Just answer the questions. Sop with the THATS DISRESPECTFUL BULLSHIT. THE WORLD IS OVER DISRESPECTFUL. IT CAUGHT THE TRRIAN OUT OF TOWN WITH TRUMP

  8. I'm so sick of these so-called parents. Go ahead and sue him. But you better be prepared to unload your burden of proof that your children died that day, in that school, and that he is a liar. If you won't (or can't) then you need to STFU. Please, please prove all us wrong. It's all a HOAX to take our guns unless you prove otherwise.

  9. Staged or not this event and others like it will always be used as an excuse to take away the second amendment and potentially other rights, even though it wont help the issue. England had a knee jerk reaction because of the Dunblain shooting but violent crime is still very bad in certain areas. "Simpily" taking away the second amendment will not solve the complex issue of these shootings.

  10. 1. Some people are gullible. They believe whatever they're told without question.

    2. Some people are more open-minded, and can critically analyze what they're told.

    3. Some people are so open-minded that their brain has fallen out, and they think whatever they're told is a lie and a conspiracy in order to hurt them somehow.

    Humans come in all types.

  11. So what the 1st ammendment doesn't exist anymore? Welcome to liberalism, where there are no rules and the constitution doesn't matter.

  12. everyone knows by now why i love alex jones so much, being reminded every day day in and day out that america is ad everyone knows hy now a large over grown prison system, and better than guns and roses, no one does it better, (, take me out of hear, take me out of america, take me to where the grass is green and unmeasured by the deviant nazi patrol, lets sail away with guns and roses, have you got enough room on your mystery ship, lets sail away, all aboard thats going aboard, enjoy the music

  13. I thought this was America were we could say what we want and our opinions about government, religion, or social dosent matter if it’s positive or negative, I’m not sure what they are suing for because there hasn’t been any crime committed,, and Donald trump best president you ever had in long time haha so cheer up!

  14. Imagine agreeing to exploit your dead kid for money to a bunch of dnc vampires like this.
    Why are all the communities that breeds these mass killers filled wity ultra liberal nutcases?

  15. The American public will believe anything they hear
    from the major networks.
    Memorial day was painful,
    as they kept repeating how the Military is fighting for our freedom. They should have said. Fighting for Dick Cheney.

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