Most “Talented” Ever? One NBA Finals MVP Thinks That of Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is—as the kids would say—a bucket. At 6’11” with handles like a guard and lethal outside shooting ability, KD is like a scientifically designed matchup problem for practically every defender in the league.

His teammates know just how special Durant is. In a recent interview with Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated, Andre Iguodala went so far as to say Durant is the most talented scorer ever to play the game. “People don’t appreciate him enough,” Iguodala said. “He’s the most talented scorer of all time. Hands down. He’s a walking 30 points. He’ll get 30 on 12 shots. That’s very, very hard to do. Very efficient. Most guys need to feel the ball in their hands a lot to get a rhythm. He doesn’t.”

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23 thoughts on “Most “Talented” Ever? One NBA Finals MVP Thinks That of Kevin Durant

  1. Durant coming to Golden State diminishes Curry’s Legacy a Bit… preventsbhim from winning a Finals MVP & now Durant being included in best shooter of all time talks. 👍🏾

  2. thats fine but i miss dunking. hopefully that new kid for the spurs gets some handles cuz he can throw it down on anyone and, no, im not him on here pulling a durant. tired of these three point shooting contest.

  3. He’s coming to the Lakers next year and join Lebron in making money moves outside of basketball. He’s going to mentor Ingram and Kuzma and Lebron and Rondo will make Lonzo a point god.

  4. Yeah he joined a 73 win team whoopty doo the nigga is a great player joining just makes him have haters but if lebron joined the warriors how would u bronsexuals really feel? SMH

  5. How is this dude most talented or anything… when time to show up on his own to carry a team he folds… just look how bad his win rating was .. when curry got hurt he was losing almost every game to the point he had to fake a rib injury just to not keep embracing himself.. but that moment goes over everybody's head.. LBJ ALL DAY MR. CARRY THE LOAD

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