Mother of ‘Monkey’ H&M Hoodie Kid Doesn’t See What the Problem Is

Earlier this week, H&M found itself in some hot water after the company’s website showed a black child wearing a hoodie that read “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle.” Now, the mother of the young model is speaking out and she doesn’t see what the big deal is.

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31 thoughts on “Mother of ‘Monkey’ H&M Hoodie Kid Doesn’t See What the Problem Is

  1. Honestly, it's a jumper. People now and days are overly sensitive. The mother is right to tell people to get over it and you know something not everyone sees things as, "oh that's racist" or "they're racist" no. Having a different mindset to things like that makes you completely different to the rest of the lot. So like someone said in the comment section, the world isn't America, so please stop trying to spread your way of thinking around.

  2. Lol this bitch is fucken sensitive asf, as you can see the child mom knows how to hustle since she doesn't see thing as racist or let it bother her

  3. " Terry's response is disappointing to say the least." Complex loves stirring up shit and getting people riled up over some clothing. What did you expect her to say? " Fuck that! This is racist……"?

    I knew your content was trash and didn't think it could be any worse than it already was. I was wrong.

  4. Wow this is so disrespectful of the little boys mother! Did you even try to speak to her to get her full opinion, not just a few hundred characters on social media? She did a great interview on This Morning that really puts everything into perspective.

  5. when i saw that picture i didn't think twice about the possible racial connotation until it was brought to my attention. i think that the mother and whoever was in charge of this at h&m didn't either. i think it's stupid to get worked up over this because ultimately turning this into a scandal is only going to reinforce the connotation it holds. the day we can all look at that picture and not be able to tell what is wrong will be they day that we don't see color and if we don't see color we can't be racist. but that's just me

  6. Similar to movies with racism as the dialogue it's another way to use racist words towards African Americans while being able to say it's just a phrase. We all know especially those that are older in the business world dealing with the times we are in that the Sweater could've been worn by a white kid and it wouldn't came off the same public. It would've seemed cool but Similar to Trump supporters they couldn't wait for the chance to deliberately play the race card and walk away as if is wasn't based off of race cowards.

  7. Or or or and just hear me out on this one, she could be being honest and refuses to be caught up in trivial matters as far as pressumed racism. I know when someone is being racist it aint hard to tell… so if your going to pick apart everything people do in the social media social justice hero era you can start a war over an oversight or a mistake or over nothing at all

  8. Maybe the rest of the world isn't hyper sensitive like the US is. The US like to project their sensitivities to everyone like the entire world revolves around them.

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