Murda Beatz Crowns the Best Rapper of the Decade | Complex Brackets

Complex Brackets is a new game show from Complex News where your favorite celebs choose the best rapper in any one of these four categories: Best East Coast Rapper, Best West Coast Rapper, Best Rapper of the Decade, and Best Rapper of All Time. In our first episode, Murda Beatz is faced with some tough choices as he tries to pick the Best Rapper of the Decade. He’s got stories about Nipsey, talks unreleased music with Schoolboy Q, and who he really thinks is the most influential rapper of the 2010s. Be sure to check out Complex Brackets every Monday at 2:00pm EST right here on Complex News.

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50 thoughts on “Murda Beatz Crowns the Best Rapper of the Decade | Complex Brackets

  1. Yeah for it is for this decade and yeah, Nip with one real album was definitely more influential than Kendrick with numerous good, for some even some of the best, records in this decade. Probably he never picked one of Murdas beats, so's definitely Nip…😅

  2. This is hands down the most dog shit list I’ve ever heard. You chose the wrong answer almost every fucking time. You did not seriously choose fucking Drake over Mac Miller? Are you dumb? Jay-Z over fucking Tyler? Nahhhhh you’re something different bro idk wtf drugs ur on. The fact that Kendrick or Mac wasn’t the #1 spot makes you sound dumb as shit.

  3. Bruh, he just basing this off of who's more well known not who's better cuz cole would rip drake on any track, drake Is just a lil more known so that's why he won bruh this dude garbage get him out the booth. How much u wanna bet he'd say "I don't know man, lil pump got over a billion streams on gucci gang, kendrick doesn't have a song like that, so I'd have to go with lil pump he's just a beast, sorry Kdot" 🙄😂🚫🧢

  4. People; “best” and “most popular” are NOT the same thing. He’s saying he thinks nipsey hussles music is better then Kendricks. He’s not claiming his music sold more.

  5. Nah the Mac Miller n drake comparison was wack “he knows how to make a hit” nah it’s by popularity. Mac has made way more thoughtful, meaningful, beautiful music AND his wordplay is insane! Drake makes basic ass music with the save rhythm thru the whole songs without changing it up

  6. wait they use an algorithm over discussing who should be in the bracket. As the comment section have point out, this is obviously got some flaws since neither Kanye or Travis Scott was selected even though they set the trends in those criteria categories especially kanye west. Man personally 21 Savage should be up there with Lil uzi considering they drop lit albums during this decade,made the XXL list and continue to get on the billboard 100. But this is just a video so it doesn really matter.

  7. stopped watching the minute this goofy Ed Sheeran clone said Nipsey’s impact was bigger than Kendrick’s. and where is Travis Scott & Kanye at? throw this bullshit away

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