#MuteRKelly Activists Demand R.Kelly to Be Dropped From Label

Following ‘Surviving R.Kelly’ revelations, activists protest outside RCA demanding him to be dropped.

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28 thoughts on “#MuteRKelly Activists Demand R.Kelly to Be Dropped From Label

  1. If you want Black people to get involved, make it a "Woe to the Black community" protest. This shouldn't have anything to do with color. Where's the energy against the Catholic Church? Where's this energy against lying politicians that has caused the downfall of the Black community? This is sad that people are using this man's life as a fake concerned voice. Where was this outcry when the tape was all over the media? Shame on the Black Community for following the oppressor to demonize another Black man when they don't say a word to their uncle's, cousins, niece's, nephews. If a girl is young and sexually active I DONT CARE WHO SHE SEXES. IF A MANS MENTALITY ISNT DEVELOPED ENOUGH TO WANT AN OLDER WOMAN AND GOES AFTER THOSE TYPE OF PROMISCUOUS GIRLS, IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!!

  2. People are so fucking stupid how is this the focus when there's so Much real world shit going what about this government shut down that has people not getting paid this type of shit is why the country is fucked let's focus on serious issues notice all the blacks wasting time on this

  3. What about the moms who served them on a silver platter? Fuck this bullshit! How did you find a gay pastor to interview? Nobody enabled R. Kelly but the people around him and the parents, a record label would have to be prepared to go out of business to pass up the songs he was putting together. Blame the people who purchased his music after he married a 15 year old. My daughter wouldn't have those problems at 15/16 because I made it a point to know where she was at. My daughter had her issues at that age but as a result I pulled her even closer and kept more of an eye on her at that time.

  4. Is it bad idc?? Not that women are being abused but.. all you have to do is stop listening to his music and works he was apart of.. being an aging singer and getting dropped from the label go hand in hand already lol and then, do you stop listening to other artist that he’s received royalties from? Are new degradation bashing system to right wrongs for social justice has a lot of holes

  5. R Kelly isn't the problem, the record label and the ones who is paying him are even worst. Mute social media, mute television programming, mute brainwashed teachers and college professors.

  6. They should not be aloud to stop this mans money fuck outta here u cant stop him from working and making money to live if thats the case all u ppl out there protesting need to starve die and lose ur jobs

  7. The only thing I dont get it is the fact that this is NOT something new. I´ve been listening this since I was in primary school . Now in 2019 they all want to mute R. Kelly? What about 10 years ago or 5 years ago. He already made money and fame. And what if they "mute" him? Then what? They should did this many years ago. The survivors are not even there so that means they only did the documentary for money or what??

  8. So who’s supposed to get his catalog if they drop him; if they drop him he can still put out music independently. RCA still going to make money off him even if they do drop him; this was a waste of time they could spent that time at a female homeless shelter helping the people that it will actually do good.

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