Nas Lost Tapes 2 a Brick or a Win? Where are all Nas Artists? Still in QB? What ya think?

Nas Lost Tapes 2 a Brick or a Win? Where are all Nas Artists? Still in QB? What ya think?

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37 thoughts on “Nas Lost Tapes 2 a Brick or a Win? Where are all Nas Artists? Still in QB? What ya think?

  1. PLEASE stop saying u are a Nas fan….lol. U talk slick EVERY time u speak on him. U are entitled to your opinion. But damn. Where are Nas artists?
    Run the Jewels
    Dave East
    There are others. Damn……lol
    And Horse don't live in the hood.
    Lake had issues with ALOT of people. Talk about all the people Puff and Jay let go. This is the BUSINESS. Prodigy had songs with Mega shitting on Nas. That's why they started having beef. U gotta relax bro. EVERYONE knows Mega is a REAL one. But the book was a PROBLEM. But please stop saying u are a fan when u shit on him ALL THE TIME….lol

  2. U need to stop talking bro..U trying to discredit dis man we don't care bout dat personal shit u talking bout it's bout the music…fuck the sales this album is DOPE!! U trippin.. Everybody always trying to discredit Nas character

  3. I feel like he's extra critical of Nas like I didn't agree with what you said about his interview with Nore. Like N.O.R.E doesnt do interviews he has conversations with people he likes.

  4. If you a real Nas fan you'll appreciate all his dope music & catalog & I am was his most commercial album as far as features Dmx Aaliyah Dmx mobb deep you tripping you starting to sound like Vlad ass Nas is like sade you gotta just appreciate his lyrics

  5. No disrespect to Prodigy because he's dead but it's people outside of qb that said his book wasn't accurate like Keith Murray Lil Kim and others alot of people in qb were offended if I recall correctly Cormega even told you when you went to qb with Prodigy you were with the wrong people that day Wiz and Jung both said Nas offered them places to live they both said no they're comfortable in the hood and how you gonna say Nas dropped bad albums when Prodigy said himself he put out bad music he started getting lazy in which Havoc started holding it down for them and prodigy talked way more gangsta than Nas in his music yet unfortunate situations happened that cause him harm sherm the worm just did an interview saying Nas was one of the people who called him saying how can P get his chain back then prodigy was on songs with Mega and others from qb who was dissing Nas so Nas like you're cosigning this??? That what led to destroy and rebuild the way you talk about Nas is how people talk about prodigy when he was alive and Nas do not have that many wack albums you're bugging

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