39 thoughts on “Nas prodigy queensbridge politics talks mural, Prodigy details politics and Jay z situations

  1. Rip Prodigy But what ppl Have to understand is if u have to Separate being a Fan with Real Life The Streets Always gonna Dictate The Temperature of the Society & Prodigy talked bad about Deceased Ppl in that book as well Jordan Tower so why should they respect him in death.cause he was a Good Rapper ..so if someone says Fuck your Dead mother he get a pass cause he could RAP ?U have to put yourself in there shoes In Stop being such a fucking fan Boy, he talked bad about preme, sherm & ppl that's incarcerated for life who couldn't defend there self the way he could when he was alive And us not being from Queens Bridge its not out place to judge we not from there ..This is A simple case of Street Karma RIp Prodigy but u reap what u Sew !!!💯💯💯

  2. I see why they mad now P told the truth about these guys.and repped QB to the fullest while not even being from there. It was all jealousy and envy. Politics is he exposed there facades.

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