Nas Says His ‘NASIR’ Follow-Up Will Be Out Soon

Nas album done and out…but he says there’s another?

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20 thoughts on “Nas Says His ‘NASIR’ Follow-Up Will Be Out Soon

  1. Last album was trash… and this is coming from a die hard Esco fan…. ditch Kanye, he ruins all that he touches. Go see Premo, Pete Rock, Alchemist, Havoc & Diddy to produce your album and itll be a classic… trust….

  2. 7 tracks is unacceptable unless the songs are twice as good as illmatic i was disappointed as a fan with his new album/mixtape or whatever it is 😞

  3. Nasir was ok, but for a great like Nas it was disappointing! Especially to only have 7 songs, all them shits should be banging!!!
    "Not for radio", "bonjour" & " adam & eve" are the 1's i liked…"everything" & "simple things" were cool too!!!…"cops shot the kid" was just fuckn lazy!!! Great concept but poor execution & delivery!!! I don't even make beats & could've did better then that!!! "Cops shot the kid" sample played throughout the whole fuckn song!!! No break in it to separate the verse from the chorus. Just him rhyming over the sample replayed without the whole song!!! Really?!😒😏 lazy asf!!!….i hope he comes better this time around!!!✌

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