Nate Robinson Guest-Hosts; Patriots NFL Conspiracy; Scary Eagles Fans | Out of Bounds

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles are going to Super Bowl LII. With 3x NBA Dunk Contest champion Nate Robinson filling in for Gilbert Arenas, the #OutofBounds crew discusses the Pats’ comeback against the Jaguars, a possible NFL conspiracy to get Tom Brady in the league’s big game, the Eagles’ dominant win over the Vikings and menacing Philly fans, and the chances the Eagles upset the Patriots. Plus, big weekend NBA games get the gang talking about whether the Cavs, Thunder, or Rockets can dethrone the Warriors.

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47 thoughts on “Nate Robinson Guest-Hosts; Patriots NFL Conspiracy; Scary Eagles Fans | Out of Bounds

  1. the new england patriots will just CHEAT again like they did last year they shouldnt be in the superbowl its a big conspiracy because Tom Brady is a big cry baby

  2. Brady is not being Brady !! Brady is being helped over and over again that’s the Patriots being the Patriots with the the help NFL … because Brady is an average QB

  3. It's so funny people think the NFL that tried to fry them on bogus air in balls are now giving them calls. lol if that was the case there could have been 2 more PI calls, they let the one where cooks arm was being held behind his back go without a call. come on people.

  4. As soon as a guy actually admits to being a J-E-T-S fan, everybody should stop listening immediately because we know what's coming. Still, some of us feel a little bad because the only Super Bowl game for the massively futile Jets was in 1969, which was 48 years ago. Not only are the Patriots favored in SB52 in Minneapolis but they are the early front-runners to win SB53 in Atlanta too. Why not simply join Patriots Nation for a few rings?  By the way, Blakeman picked up a flag after an unbelievably obvious PI call against Kuechly who piggy-backed/dry humped Gronk, which cost the Pats a win against Carolina on MNF. On Sunday, he was simply congratulating unarguably the greatest player in NFL history after yet another historic 4th quarter comeback. There is no grassy knoll. PS The silver lining is that the Eagles fans truly deserve a long overdue parade so it's a win-win either way.

  5. How do you ever expect to be taken seriously as a sports journalist while your kicking dumbass theories like “the NFL is rigged” ? you corny bro. You know how fuckin hard these players work? I guess Consistency is a foreign concept least liked person on Out Of Bounds………and the jets fuckin suck. Shut up.

  6. Patriots are the Best. It feels so good being a fan. We just destroy every team. Patriots are so disciplined that they don’t make penalties.
    I am so blessed to be a Patriots fan. Greatest sports franchise the last 20 years. Don’t hate us cuz you ain’t us!

  7. You guys should add Nate to the show. I like Gilbert but he don't know anything besides basketball. Nate and Gilbert would make the show more entertaining.

  8. First the ref probably congratulated Brady because he's the greatest player of all time. And the only 1 penalty was just due to the fact that the patriots are more disciplined than the jaguars due to the coaching staff. Plus the pats defense wasn't playing so well for most of that game thus not getting penalized for being physical

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