Nelly Files Countersuit Against Rape Accuser

Rapper Nelly is doubling down on his denial of sexual assault accusations by responding with his own countersuit to Monique Greene rape allegation from last year, according to TMZ. Nelly claims Greene was the one who approached him after seeing him at an appearance at White River Amphitheatre in Seattle where she worked, and that their sexual encounter was 100 percent consensual. He claims she later altered her story in order to get the rapper prosecuted.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Nelly states that Greene started flirting with him and followed him to the back of his tour bus. In addition to claiming their encounter was consensual, Nelly says she was removed from the tour bus when she became “aggressive and disruptive” after getting upset that one of his backup dancers came into the space to use the bathroom.

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39 thoughts on “Nelly Files Countersuit Against Rape Accuser

  1. Nelly is my boy. I am with you on this one. I don't believe a word she say's. I do not think Nelly is that kind of man to be going around Raping women. not at all. he has two Daughters he is not that type of man to set an example for his kid's that he loves with everything he got in him to have them look at him as a rapist. He would never allow that to happen.

  2. These whores need to get the same amount of years an actual rapist would have gotten, that seems fair to me. Not one of these fucking semen gargling cunts would dare try that shit after you set an example.

  3. Legit in uk there was a guy who walked past a woman in the subway and she filed a lawsuit of him raping her when the cctv showed him just walking past she said he ‘inserted his penis’ into her smh fuckin hoes

  4. If she was raped I'm sure someone would've heard the screams or cries. There's just way too many ppl around. You don't take your clothes off unwillingly without making noise. Nelly lemme talk with yo lawyers. If she got naked quietly you win.

  5. IF he raped her, he should face criminal charges…. It's very suspect that she refused to testify & allowed charges to be dropped but then turned around to come after him financially. Real rapist need to be lock up. It seems so off

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