Netflix’s New Show ‘Flint Town’ is Like a Documentary Version of ‘The Wire’

The creators of Netflix’s new 8-part docu-series explains why Flint’s troubles run deeper than the water crisis and the ways they were inspired by ‘The Wire.’

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33 thoughts on “Netflix’s New Show ‘Flint Town’ is Like a Documentary Version of ‘The Wire’

  1. All residents of Flint Town must save the city if we don't save the city ourselves it will never change

    Take my advice Flint residents open up a small business become a millionaire and use

    Your on money to pay the government to bring water crisis to an end for good

    If your small business turns you into a billionaire than bring more
    Public transportation to Flint

    Make the city better than ever that's what I plan to do

    Message to all Flint residents the city of Flint can't save it self the law ain't gonna save the city

    So that means we must stop running away from our city by moving away

    And fight to save our on city no one will ever do it for us holla.

  2. Watching the scene where the cops are watching the shooting of a black guy kinda disgusted me. I spend 99% of my time backing up cops from trolls, and we see how bad Flint is, BUT too many cops in that scene were acting like assholes. (ex: When they find out there was marijuana in the car One cop is like putting his hands up and acting like "well there you go justified shooting."….Another acted like the entire video was crap and only when the police report came out would he trust the story…..For the most part all the officers were more concerned the victims girlfriend had a camera running than some high strung cop blasting at everything moving..)

  3. I do armed security in flint mi. Born and raised in flint. I can understand what these officers go through. Its rough and they do not get paid enough money to deal with all the morons walking these streets at night.

  4. I am from flint born and raised and still here and if watch and read between the lines they are showing one of the main problems of this city "the cops". we already going through the toughest times of our lives to have to be searched and checked not to add disrespected and rights violated for nothing. I'm not going to sit on here and say that there is not a problem with crime, but everyone is not a criminal. think about the people that not criminals that live in the so called ( targeted areas ) because of there financial struggles and dress a certain way, they are being judged as criminals and getting the same harsh treatment that the real hard criminals get. to the young person that might one day can be somebody that can be hard and push him to being around people that does crime, normally the kid that's does crime knows how to avoid cops and ect… that attracts the good kids around the bad areas, they want to know the same street knowledge. I see it every day I was one of them I was a good kid that was pulled in by effects of growing up in a rough city. its not all the cops fault ,I said one of the problems. when I was a kid I knew I was gonna be in the auto industry like my father but by the time I was out of high school that was over! what else for a town of people that was built off making cars… anything that pay bills!

  5. As someone who lives 30 minutes from Flint, this documentary was a huuuuge eye opener. Insane to think right up the freeway these people have to deal with such problems.

  6. I had to stop watching this program after seeing the Flint cops review the shooting of a young man in the car with his wife and child. Sadly the lady had to calm the cop down as he stood at the Window shaking with the gun still cocked. What appalled me was the white cops trying to justify the shooting as the black cops sat silently stewing. No way in hell was this shooting justified over a broken tail light. It shows white cops have no respect whatever for black lives. In fact one of the white cops trying to justify this shooting had himself killed a young black guy for stealing a bag of potato chips. The same misbehavior happens in a majority of white neighborhoods but these same cops wouldn't dare pull a gun on those persons. It is so blatantly unfair. This is why only black cops should patrol black neighborhoods.

  7. It's going far by saying its the documentary version of the Wire. Don't be fooled though. It's a great documentary, and shows the budget problem, but kinda focuses just on the cops. It doesn't show the people as much…

    Side note: The main cop couple seemed secretly racist though lol

  8. I find It interesting that the universities do nothing. There is so much research money. The universities can get grants and Fix the water problem. It will take more than one yr though.

  9. I am from Flint, and for the most part the doc is pretty true, I think the portrayal of some of the cops was bullshit, considering I know some of them and have personally dealt with them, I just wish they had shown the county jail, Flint needs light to be shed but they're forgetting the most poorly maintained place in the entire city where the inmates are treated like animals, that place could serve as its own 8 part documentary.

  10. The government of Flint so screwed up tbh . Bush and Obama and Clinton did nothing for Flint and these Documentaries are what I need Netflix to Do more of 'em , Climate change is one I'm asking for too Rn Netflix is the saviour of tv .

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