NEW Aston Martin Rapide S – flat-out review by

Autocar tests the new Aston Martin Rapide S, with more power from its 6.0-litre V12 and a lower centre of gravity.

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The new Aston Martin Rapide S may not appear to have changed a great deal, but in keeping with Aston’s incremental approach to updating its line-up, the new grille is the most obvious change outside. Under the bonnet, its 6.0-litre V12 now gets 80bhp more power and it’s mounted 19mm lower for improved handling and better pedestrian impact protection. Is it enough to compete with the Porsche Panamera, Mercedes S-Class and BMW Gran Coupe?

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28 thoughts on “NEW Aston Martin Rapide S – flat-out review by

  1. The claim to fame for this car is lowering the engine 19mm makes running over pedestrians safer? Lol.. Do Rapides have a history of running people over?

    And this presenter is horrible, totally dreary.

  2. Porsche has the budget and does not make that many changes as they keep that fantastic traditional look signature, so do i think this shape of Aston is amazingly beautiful, just has the one of shape. I think interior is looking like Jag little bit disappointing and it is nowhere near luxury as he said it in the video, it is obvious that those presenters got no true qualification to tell the truth but just favor the cars by the way. Would i buy one, i am afraid to say no over many other ones that offer similar shaped productions, to name few Mercedes CLS AMG, BMW Gran C, Maserati Ghibli, Porsche Panamera, and one that beats them all on amazing power and performance extreme quality in and out and top engineering of Audi RS7.

  3. Without body creases along the sides, it looks too long and ungainly. In my opinion, the Maserati Quattroporte (surely its main competitor along with the Panamera) is better looking, even if they got the headlights wrong.

  4. Theas9996, wich car is better, porsche boxster or lambo aventador? There are cars in different leagues. Aston is bigger, more expensive and more powerfull car than the ISF. It's not possible to compare this two cars…

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  6. First part of your comment is defensible. But to say Ford mismanaged AM is incorrect. They actually helped get them in a position to be profitable and make better products. They were able to do well on the sale – which they did, indeed, need at the time – because of their participation. Now, we can be thankful they are all better off. There actually might be benefit to AM with the grill ripoff as more people's lips are graced by their name now! Don't think they'll lose one sale because of it.

  7. Saw one on the streets and it's stunning. Beautiful form development and balance. It would be very hard not to completely love this car in my garage. Can't see most owners spanking the hell of it on the weekends, but it is, indeed capable. Seems a more mature alternative to the bloated Panamera. Can't use either car's full performance potential on the road most of the time, so it really comes down to what drives the lust to own one.

  8. Astons have always had large grills. In no way does AM take its design cues from Audi, or any other brand for that matter. Its design is almost as distinct as that of a 911.

  9. Many times, I have confounded the nose grille of the all new Ford fiesta 2013 for the Aston Martin Cygnet and it seems to me that the Ford fiesta wears it better than the Cygnet. Audi started this giant grille of a thing and every car manufacturer is joining the club. Is it the trend now?

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