New Details Emerge on Drama Between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B

Nicki Minaj’s original “Motorsport” verse has surfaced online.

During an appearance on The Norte Show in November 2017, Cardi B confirmed Nicki’s initial verse on the hit Migos track was different than the final version. DJ Akademiks reported that the Pinkprint rapper was asked to alter her rap because Cardi, who is also featured on the record, was mad Nicki had mentioned her name in a line.

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45 thoughts on “New Details Emerge on Drama Between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B

  1. Man Nicki shouldn't have cried. Quaveo ain't ish he trashed Nicki now he smashing?
    Cardi b could have went about it differently but Nicki gone get enough she either gone get dragged by Cardi or Remy ma

  2. Shit u can hate all u can and talk shit on cardi she still makin money and more than u……like I said we will see how long nicki got to be on wat u called it again? Ohhh “on top”………anyways she’s old news wen nicki drop another album then u could talk..

  3. Well it don’t matter wat u think or less to cardi….. cardi speak truth…. nicki just raps bout dumb shit Sometimes her raps don’t make sense I seriously don’t see how she’s a better “artist” but ummmmmmm …….

  4. Lol cardi thinks she's all that even though she like just started. At least I've never heard of her until bodak yellow lmao. Nicki on the other hand has always been the most successful female rapper. Team Nicki 4 life.

  5. Knowing Nickis history she was trying to diss Cardi. She needs to stop talking about Cardi so much, when they ask Cardi about her she keeps it simple and moving. Cardi doesn’t owe her anything she did nothing to get her to where she is now. The song was a Migos song not hers so she needs to stop acting like she allowed Cardi on the song. Migos just asked her if it was ok for Cardi to join to be polite.

  6. IT'S A COMPLIMENT. if cardi the quarterback (star of the game) then I'm Nick (coach/veteran). Pretty sad that this beef started because Cardi B is illiterate as fk.

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