*NEW* PatDLucky Instagram Videos 2018 | The Best PatD Lucky Vines Compilation

*NEW* PatDLucky Instagram Videos 2018 | The Best PatD Lucky Vines Compilation.

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49 thoughts on “*NEW* PatDLucky Instagram Videos 2018 | The Best PatD Lucky Vines Compilation

  1. 7:047:54 KO:Lord bless this food my family and me Brittnany:The spaghetti look dry and the salad needs some cheese KO: But we are thankful and you better believe Brittany:I bet you to try it first and all I got is a fifty KO: J to the E to the S U S Brittany: That's my lord and savior you know he the best KO: Girl be quiet i'll handle the rest REMIX KO:My name is KO and you better come correct I am the queen and you others are insent the lord got my back and these hands stay ready Britney over there smellin like damn detty Mama: Hold on y'all got a rap craz Britney: Yes ma'am but i didn't know we was having are own solo KO: Somebody mad Mama: I want in REMIX Mama: This spaghetti bout to be LIT LIT LIT LIT LIT LIT LIT KO: Lord bless this food my family and me lord bless this food my family and me. LIT PRAYER

  2. You shot home so how is he going to drive you homeYou suck him you shut him so he can drive you home so correct or not you shut him so he can’t drive your home how is that possible OK so either you drive you home with him to the hospital or you’re just gonna sit there either one

  3. Girl:do you even want me forever?
    Girl:do you even like me
    Girl:would you cry if I walked away?
    She heard enough and was hurt..she walked away with tears in her eyes the grabbed her arm
    Boy:your not pretty your beautiful
    Boy:your I don’t want you forever I need you forever
    Boy:I don’t like you..I love you
    Boy:I wouldn’t cry if you walked away..I’d die if you walked away
    Boy whisper:pls stay with me
    Girl:I will
    *tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you
    *something good will happen to you between 1-4pm
    *tomorrow it could be anywhere
    *get ready for the shock of your life
    *if you don’t post this to 5 other videos..you will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years

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