2 thoughts on “NFC Wild Card: Eagles vs Bears: WHO WINS and WHY?

  1. How are the Bears a better team? Why, because they played a 4th place schedule and barely scraped by beating some of the worst teams in the league?….lol!… Bears are the #1 Defense on paper. But they're really not the #1 defense when they play against teams who actually know how to play. They even got beat by the Giants and came damm close to getting beat by the 49ers, and played against Cousins who basically handed that game away. His accuracy was about as bad as I've ever seen it. That Vikings game was a joke and it pumped up the Bears chests and I think gave them way too much confidence…. I've seen the Bears play down to teams all season. There is no reason why anyone should pick them to beat the Eagles. If they do beat the Eagles then maybe they can get a little respect. But until the Bears win a playoff game they're basically just a piece of paper runnin' around with numbers on it. A stat sheet. Paper Champions of a deflated NFC North.

  2. See the BEARS have a asswhoopin list this year.
    Aaron Rodgers who had his way with the bears knock him out of the playoffs✔(got eliminated from playoffs with loss against Chicago)
    Minnesota Vikings defending NFC North champions who was a game away from the Superbowl last year at home swept season series✔(got eliminated from playoffs with loss against Chicago)
    Dominate the whole NFC North division✔(lost only 1 game by 1 point then beat every team convincingly)
    Dominate the whole NFC west✔(beat every team convincingly in that division) dominate the NFC✔(out of the two losses were combined by 4 points but beat every NFC team they played convincingly)
    Now it's only right to dethrone the raining Superbowl champs at home (that's only in the playoffs because of the BEARS dominating win against Minnesota)

    The people need to know that it's destined for the bears to win it all this year.
    They're gonna dethrone Philadelphia✔. Go to Los Angeles and give Jared Goff the flux✔ (again) If New Orleans make it past Dallas or Seattle the BEARS are gonna send New Orleans home✔(they proved that they can be beat in New Orleans twice)
    Whoever comes out of the AFC will be totally embarrassed like Denver was against Seattle.
    Then America will be great again✔💯.

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