Nicki Minaj Goes In On IG Commenter Who Says Her Body Is Fake

Nicki Minaj has lifted her social media sabbatical, which spelled trouble for one commenter trying to go in on her body.

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49 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Goes In On IG Commenter Who Says Her Body Is Fake

  1. “Nicki Minaj” is fake…and since she with establishment chose to respond to a “small time person” negatively, the trolling is justified.

    Fuck Complex and fuck Nicki Minaj..fugly bitch.

  2. hahaha This bitch can't stand losing even when she already WON at life. You're Nicki Minaj who cares what people say… Just inflate that ass a little more and flex your shit bitch. Own it.

  3. I’d still hit Nikki regardless, I don’t care if the body ain’t all hers. But today, my beautiful black queen MC, hold this L. If u reply, you gotta DESTROY the commenter. You did nothing to disprove what he said.

  4. DON'T POKE THE FUCK'N BEAR! I love when trolls think they can say whatever and then actually get a reply bwhahahahaha. This trolling shit has got to stop.

  5. I would've replied "Well I may not show my face, but at least I don't go outta my way to spend thousands on Botox and Plastic Surgery just to make my ass and tits look bigger"

  6. I just love it how the haters in these comments are making it seem like NICKI is at fault here. She even rapped about it in her song Chun-Li (talking about people making you seem like in the BAD guy). Nicki's WHOLE body isn't fake. Only ass and titties…. with the exception of her nails, makeup, & eyelashes. That WOMAN tried her. Nicki isn't insecure because she stood up for herself. That woman obviously has personal issues, because SHE took the time to talk about HER. So NICKI was the one speaking facts. Mind you, those so called "pictures of when Nicki was younger" are photoshopped. Here's a link to her Instagram where she debunk them >> 💁💁💁💁

  7. all of you hating on Nicki, but if it was one of you who got insulted u would be draggin the hater up and down, but oh yeah. i forgot, Nicki isn't human to ya'll, SMFH

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