Nicki Minaj Pushes Back Release of ‘Queen’ Again

Nicki Minaj says that due to a sample she has to clear, her fourth album ‘Queen’ won’t drop on August 10.

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32 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Pushes Back Release of ‘Queen’ Again

  1. Tbh only her fans are excited for Queen, The pink print had everyone exited , even people that don’t like rap but she’s gone sorta wack now and people are just bored,

  2. I love Nicki but she better bring it for this album! Hmmmm….
    I just started a channel breaking down all the tea surrounding the queen album drama- well as other breaking news. Check my videos out, and subscribe to my channel if you like them! Thank guys love yall xoxox

  3. Nicki Minaj went to court to fight for streams to count as sales, so your favorite could even have a CHANCE to fuck with her, yet she’s the bad guy . Suck DICK !

  4. Yo barbz I dare u to put nicki body of work to any of the female rappers from the past lauryn hill alone will body all her albums and number 1 she ain't even sold more albums that lauryn hill and I'm adding all her album sales up without streams hahaha nicki really need help. Calling herself queen bitch u got Shethered remember oh yeah she does cuz u can see the pain in her right now that's y she trying to come bk to hip hop stay in ur pop Lane with ariana katy Perry and willow Smith

  5. She and Wayne in the same boat😂😂 trying to be relevant to drop a album to sell records. Just stop to fuckry and drop. You niggas washed!

  6. Waste of a video. Trash album. Flop of an album. Queen of what? She needs to retire. She needs to take her prideful 40 year old spreading legs disgusting explicit selfish egomaniac backstabbing of a woman’s ass outta the scene all ready. Even celebs/artists won’t fuck with her. That just shows the trash and classless character of women this garbage nicki is. I’m pretty sure everyone here can agree with me. I’m out. 🎤

  7. These idiots clearly don't why she pushed her album back for a second time. Buy they are all in her grill saying negative shut she's a fuckn woman and most of these people in this comments are some bitch niggas who are hating on a female WOW….. and don't comment on my shit if your hating ass can't handle the truth 😐

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