Nicki Minaj ‘Queen’ Promo Run Spirals Into Messy Fight Over Lyrics | Everyday Struggle

On the Wednesday, August 15th episode of #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Nadeska and Wayno discuss Nicki Minaj’s whirlwind press run for her new album ‘Queen,’ which took a sharp left turn during her interview with Funk Flex on Hot 97. Nicki spent a sizable portion of the interviewing disputing rumors that her ex boyfriend Safaree has helped her write records in the past. In addition Nicki threw some very personal darts, accusing him of using her credit cards to pay for prostitution, before ripping into him further on Twitter about his hairline and nude pictures. Poor Tyga just got caught up in the middle. But did this go too far? The crew also discusses producer Robert Glasper accusing Lauryn Hill of not crediting the artists who allegedly created her debut album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.’ And Trick Daddy goes off on the haters.

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38 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj ‘Queen’ Promo Run Spirals Into Messy Fight Over Lyrics | Everyday Struggle

  1. How it a fucking break down when she had people attacking her trying to take credit for her work. Yea that skinny boy don’t no what fuck you talking about. Because nicki rap so above your head you don’t understand her queen album. Queen is her best album. Nicki is the best rapper period. She is Competing with the Lil Wayne Jay z Kanye the top male rappers. And y’all don’t no what y’all are talking about I had to mute y’all she having a break down because she is defending her craft. Y’all out y’all fucking mind y’all sound like y’all have a break. And skinny boy how your punk ass feel now about queen a bitch like you just judge her album instead of really listen to it.

  2. Now I get where many of you are coming from with the domestic violence against men. BUT think about it they both admitted that the whole relationship was domestic violence, they did fight. On BOTH ends! So u can’t just pin this on Nicki! Plus she been admitted to stabbing him in Bed of Lies! Why is it so new now!

  3. Are u fucking kidding me…. he never said he wrote for her dumb ass he said he help her…. Two diff things u guys r so full of shit…. Im here in Toronto Canada and i know better then that…. u guys just want something to chat about.

  4. What has always puzzled me about Nicki is how her lyrics are so playful and witty and yet, in conversation, none of that wit is present (in interviews, that is). I can see her brain authoring the lyrics that are defensive, aggressive, and self-involved. That's how she is when is converses. No problem, I can see her brain rolling out those lyrics. But the word play, the cleverness, the wisecracks are not there. Maybe that's what the other writers contribute.

  5. Wayno is literally doijg what Nicki said in the flex interview. Still wont give her just dues and still saying in a sense someone has helped her but if she were a dude he wouldve had a different perspective….. P.s. y'all still need to get ride of nadeska and get a better female moderator

  6. Nikki jus using saffari name for a smoke screen the real issue she getting at is cardi don't write for herself hence why she stressing that everybody knows she writes for herself cardi was number 1 and don't write herself

  7. Since Safaree disappeared from her…them lyrics been garbage.
    I detect lies bih.
    And why she so aggy and throwing subliminal shots at Cardi and shit while having her lowest albums sales of her career.
    BTW…you non competition Cardi has another release Sept 1st.
    Get your ego in check. bih

  8. Smh. I don't get why this is a topic to be speaking on. Nicki Minaj isn't built for the industry. She's butt hurt for the fact that nobody is checking for her. She's done. This isn't 2006/2007 anymore. Her time is done. Its Cardi Bs time to shine. And as for wayno saying Lil Kim isn't nowhere near Nicki Minaj Rap wise? He is definitely bugging. Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Bahamadia, Rapsody, Smoothe, Missy Elliot, Shortie No Mass etc are from the era of Hip-Hop NOT what today's era is. Sales don't mean shit. To labels yes because they're making the money. As for the artists, they are still broke just living off advances. Every artist is broke. They don't make money

  9. Yall are out of y’all muthafuckin minds if y’all think Nicki is a better rapper than Kim . Y’all dumb if y’all think Nicki don’t get help writing. Alademiks sound just like a FUCK nigga Ijc

  10. Where are the facts showing that lil Kim didn’t write her own shit. Like has someone come forward, has she said it out her own mouth, or was you there? Because if you’re going off the fact that most her lyrics sounds like Big, then that was her plan to write like him and we all know she looked up to him.

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