Niggers and faggots

With a video-title like that what could possibly go wrong?!

The videos is meant to be taken with a grain of salt though, I mean what I say but I’m also aware that some people are more sensitive to this than others.

All I’m saying is that TO ME this isn’t an issue and I can back up why I feel that way with logic so… Yeah.


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  2. Your best point is that words generally don't equate to physical harm. Though, just like 'cunt' and 'bitch', nigger and faggot are insulting. You give that nigger means 'dumb' but moreso 'black'. In the same way, faggot is strong for 'weirdo', especially for feminine quality I guess, as well as 'gay' especially stereotypically. If people find it insulting to be called these things, they're well within to feel offended; but I agree they shouldn't escalate the power the words have. If someone calls you dumb, a wtf is warranted, but they're trying it with your skin color; arms thrown. If someone calls you weird, discomfort is warranted, for being gay tho, arms thrown.

    *not arms thrown, but accost justified

  3. This guy in the video isn't offensive. Why is he offensive ? For struggling to explain himself in English, which is not even his first language ?

    What is very offensive is the "nigger/ faggot" lowlife or whatever, that captioned someone else's video as if they had a right to tell everyone else how to think, act, feel, shit or pick their nose. You DON'T.

    Hey, captioner asshole, not everybody is a sissified, cork up their ass Social Justice Warrior like you ! You don't speak for anybody. Not me. Not him. Nobody. You don't tell us what to do. Ever.
    I don't give a crap about a person's sexuality or race as long as they aren't pushing it in my face or bring a criminal.

    i won't play your stupid word games nor play into your fake ass offense which is not REAL offense, but is manipulation, just an ATTEMPT TO SILENCE OTHERS HAVING A DIFFERENT OPINION.

    You don't decide what's right and wrong. You don't make the rules. You are not virtuous. And you are hallucinating to assume everybody or even most people agrees with you. THEY DON'T.

  4. If you get offended that’s your problem. You shouldn’t say a word of it offends people. You said nigger isn’t offensive. So if it bigger offends most black people it isn’t offensive? What is your logic you nut.

    IF you intended saying nigger to be a joke and people get offended don’t say it. If you’re in a private group of people and there is a black person and you know he/she won’t get offended, go ahead I guess. But if you don’t care about offending people what was the point of this video. Are you tying to make it so that people don’t get mad at you when you say nigger But that wouldn’t make any sense because you don’t care if people get mad. You said you aren’t trying to get people offended but you need to know that you are. In this video you are constantly saying things that rove something else you said to be wrong.

    If your black friend laughs when you say bigger it doesn’t mean other black people will to. You seem like a good person but you seem a little confused.

    Black people say nigga because they turned it into something good for black people after slavery so when they say it to each other it’s not taken in a bad way. But when a white person says it becomes a insult because that’s how white people used it during slavery and segregation. If I white person says what’s my nigga that’s not completely bad, it’s not good, but it’s not bad because again people might take it the wrong way. And also balck people don’t say nigger we say nigga.

  5. I'm shocked, not by the title, but by the publish date. This video is at LEAST 4 years ahead of it's time! I'm watching in 2018, 6 years after it was made, and in this age where anything so little as drinking a glass of milk can be considered offensive, this video is even more relevant now than it was when it was made!
    When this was made, I was in high-school, being bullied and called names that offended the hell out of me! But because I'm white, I'm just supposed to take it and learn not to be offended. No one of any other race has to do that (unless they have strong parents), and look what that's brought, the most easily offended generation in history.
    We need to 'sticks and stones' too all regardless of race or orientation.

  6. Fuck this video was terrible and it just shows how self centered and clueless you are about the massive discrimination many groups of people face everyday. You don't get to use words that have a history of being used to oppress people.
    I don't think you're a bad person, I just think you're being really dumb and arrogant about something you don't understand. And I'm sure you hate people who are dumb and arrogant too.

  7. If you think there is ever any time where it is acceptable to use those 2 slurs against gays and people of color, you're incredibly ignorant. I hear you say "I've never said it in a 'bad' way" are you kidding me? You may not think it's "bad", but do you consider the feelings of the persons on the receiving end of those slurs? You wouldn't know how insulting those terms are because you're not gay and you're not black, and no matter how you try to justify the context in how you use those words, it is inappropriate to be using the words at any time.

  8. haha. k chck it out. Just FYI I'm white not black but Black people don't like when a white person calls them ngger cause white ppl use to enslave them and didn't see them as ppl. white ppl thought black ppl were a lower form of life (back n the day) and beat and killed them and treated them like anmals. They used the word ngger to describe them. For example "come here ngger". So it is very demeaning to describe a black person as a ngger because you a r c'in them as a lower form of life than u r.

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