Niggers, Faggots and Retards

As a child, I was always furious at the stupidity of prohibiting words themselves, regardless of context. “Swear words”, they were called. I grew more enraged when I or other children would ask our parents or caregivers exactly what was bad about these words, as we would invariably receive some absurd rationale. “Swearing is evidence of a lacking vocabulary” we’d be told, as though removing certain words from our vocabulary would somehow enlarge it. “My ears are not garbage cans”, some moralistic old hen once told me. Being ten, I wasn’t able to explain to the woman that simply repeating her belief that these words were garbage did not qualify why she thought they were garbage. All I could do was fume at the rampant and socially endorsed idiocy.

Of course, at this point, I’m in the majority. As broadcasters and publishers gradually become more lax on what constitutes a “swear word”, the very notion becomes more and more widely recognized as the goofy anachronism that it is.

Or so one might think.

This kind of moronic moral posturing has actually survived the raunchy onslaught of radio shock jocks and adult-oriented cartoons by slightly altering itself. Rather than a compulsion to display some shocked and appalled knee-jerk reaction to words like shit and fuck, many are compelled to react in exactly the same fashion to words like nigger and faggot.

Being raised in a liberal, Canadian household, I was firmly instructed never to refer to first nations people as Indians. That, you see, was a hateful and bigoted term. As I grew, I saw that this doctrine had gradually worked it’s way through conservative and centrist populations to the point where it was and is generally understood that one isn’t to use that word. I noticed something else, though; in situations where one might make an Indian joke or unabashedly talk about their hatred for drunken Indians, people now told native jokes and talked just as freely about their hatred for drunken natives. The term “native” becoming just as negatively stigmatized as the term “Indian”, however, prompted yet another change in terminology. Natives were now to be called first nations.

Similarly, the mentally handicapped were once known clinically as idiots or morons. Such terms eventually became pejoratives, used to insinuate a lack of intelligence. Those advocating that these unfortunates be spoken of with dignity came up with a new word with which to disassociate them from these slurs. That word? Retard. But when that word went the same way as idiot and moron, yet another euphemism was concocted: handicapped. The same, predictably enough, happened to that word, too. By the time I was being trained to deal with them, they were called “clients”.

Both instances prove one thing, though. A change in nomenclature doesn’t do the slightest thing to improve the way people think or talk. This isn’t new wisdom, either. It’s been known for some time that changing the name of a rose won’t change it’s essence or the way people feel about it.

To this day, the best argument I’ve ever heard defending the prohibition of these nasty words is that since they offend people, that’s a good enough reason to prohibit them. Well, fuck me! I guess rap artists, the makers of south park and people who are openly gay should quit their sinful ways because they’re offending people! Honestly, it’s not nearly a good enough reason to prohibit something just because it’s offensive.

So the next time you or one of your friends explodes with righteous indignation at hearing some kind of slur uttered, know this; your anger regarding inappropriate nomenclature improves nobody’s standard of living in the slightest way, nor is it meant to. Regardless of what you tell yourself or others, you’re not fighting any kind of good fight; you’re not a rebel or a moral entrepreneur. You’re a prude and a petty functionary, trivializing the causes you fraudulently champion by reducing the scope of your scorn to the most superficial element of real social struggle: name-calling.


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  1. I 100% agree..Censorship does not work. Everything is offensive to someone. The excuse that it might offend someone is not a strong enough argument. Political correctness be damned. If we censored everything that was offensive, there would be nothing left.

    "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."


  2. It's called "euphemism creep".. where words used to describe groups of people progressively gain more syllables, in an attempt to "not offend". Eg. moron -> retarded -> special needs -> mentally challenged -> etc etc

  3. This is myopic. "Swear words" are only useful precisely BECAUSE they are forbidden. They are miniature forms of civil disobedience that denote "extreme" emotion (ie, "oh, that must have REALLY hurt if he cussed, since cuss words are forbidden" etc), so to argue against their forbidden nature is to undermine their use and power.

  4. liberals tend to be such bigots. i'm gay, a gun owner, and as a law abiding citizen in the state that i live in (in the U.S.A.) i have a permit that gives me the right to carry a gun almost anywhere i want. i live in a liberal area and am called a "red neck". the attitude is that anyone who does not buy in to the liberal crap they spew is illiterate, and as Obama says, clings to god and guns. you can count on liberals being open and accepting…as long as you agree with them.

  5. poisonous pedagogies of Fake Politeness, the crutch of the frightened pleebs still lost in their UN holy religious fogs/fuges! I speak whatever language WORKS in the MOMENT. eH, MEN, AND OTHER REALLY STUPID WYMEN.

  6. You can be legally prosecuted for calling someone a nigger? What part of the world do you live? If someone were to rob me I might call him a bunch of names. But that's a pretty poor example don't you think. Who is going to judge you for calling someone who committed a crime against you a racial slur? But to needlessly insult someone for no reason is bound to cause a backlash. That's like me going on TV and saying "fuck all Canadians". These type of insults have the "fuck you" built in.

  7. What word has been banned outright? That's a strawman. Banned suggests that there is a legal penalty for using the word. So what word? Secondly, the logical social construct for not using a word (which is different to banning it) is the negative social consequences of using it. And the open use of insults tend to have negative social consequences. Finally, if you can chew game and walk at the same time then you can both recognise larger social problems and be insulted by an insult at once.

  8. While i agree with most of your points, i have come to a different conclusions. First off I am a christian and i think its NOT FAIR that we dont have swear words. But upon reading the bible you never see any words taboo, you will see instead somthing like 'Dont say words that offend just to be evil, instead say words that build up and edify…how can the same mouth praise your God yet curse your brother"

    Its not really about the words you use, but how you use them.

  9. Firstly, swear words and insults are not the same thing. "Fuck" and "shit" in and of itself is not insulting to anyone. So other than a broad-based critique of censorship in all forms comparing swear words to insults isn't really accurate.
    Secondly, what do you mean by "prohibited?" Will you be arrested for using those terms? Or will you be confronted for using insulting terms – especially by the people insulted? What's unnatural about that? (continued)

  10. one thing I've never understood was that when something went good," That's god working with you" but when something goes bad," that's just the devil. what if what went good for you affected some one else in a negative way? would that still be god working? and vice-versa is that the devil working for them?

  11. You can mentally abuse someone without swearing, swearing on its own doesn't hurt anybody. its the less offensive words that people use which can cause someone harm.

    I'd say its much more offensive to laugh at a kid for being fat than telling him to fuck himself. im sure the "fuck you" could effect him short-term, but telling the kid he's a "fat slob, your mum would be ashamed", would be far more offensive than any swear words used. adding "fuck" at the start of the sentence really does nothing

  12. at the end of the day they're only words, and as far as i can tell no one is actually offended when you swear. those small few who are, are most likely from an older generation and/or group of people who think that they are more important than other people. They feel as though they are too good to swear, and look down upon anyone who does.
    God forbid that they are associated with a word that might be considered "dirty" or "wrong".

    I've never actually met som1 who is offended by the word "shit"

  13. put your notes in notepad and drag the window as close to your camera as possible, if its a laptop, if its a pc cam align it so when you look at notes you also line up with the cam. Dont be afraid to edit and to do start stops, look at this vid to know what i mean, it will allow you to edit out mistakes and give it flow,the big mouth in these clips is doing all of the above.
    Seems i cant put youtube links so do a search for fluffytalks

  14. @knuckledragger1984 and this video is about society. it's about how we as a society perceive these words. clearly you have an issue accepting that you live in a society with rules and norms. i'm not surprised.

  15. @knuckledragger1984 even now you're changing the subject from the question to me changing the subject. you would always try to bring broad statements i made about the nature of verbal abuse back to how you don't care that i insulted you. i don't care that you don't care, my argument isn't based on anecdotal evidence, and even if it was i'd hardly pick you as the emotional poster child for how people respond to words. now answer.

  16. @knuckledragger1984 don't change the subject, i'm not talking about myself, i'm talking about degrading comments as a whole. i'm actually 100% sure that you've suffered emotional abuse in your life, so when you tell me that the only words that can hurt inflict physical harm, i call bullshit.

  17. @knuckledragger1984 so it doesn't hurt you when people make comments about your appearance? or call you names? sorry but even if your answer is yes, the rest of the human population would beg to differ. it's kind of basic human nature to be emotionally hurt and degraded by hateful speech. you can deny it, but at best that just makes you a weird emotionless freak. also, make your own sandwich, since i'm sure with your disappointing lack of merits as a human being, nobody will make it for you.

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