Nipsey Hussle Describes Kanye West Wearing MAGA Hat as ‘Kick in the Gut’

Nipsey Hussle called into The Angie Martinez Show as he got ready to embark on his Victory Lap tour, which kicked off in New York City on Monday.

The conversation quickly switched to a discussion about Nipsey’s decision to put a photo of Kanye West wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat on the screen behind him during his performance of “F**k Donald Trump” at Broccoli City Festival in Washington, D.C. in late April.

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46 thoughts on “Nipsey Hussle Describes Kanye West Wearing MAGA Hat as ‘Kick in the Gut’

  1. The real "kick in the gut"
    Is that black Americans have the freedom to believe in whatever?

    Okay.. go ahead and listen to the Democratic overlords who used race to manipulate since Democrats founded the KKK.

  2. Real talk I don’t care nor do I want rappers talking about political ideas. Especially when they talk about drugs, gang life and/or killing people. Now if Common or Logic wants to it’s okay understanding but not a thug/gamgsta rapper.

  3. So…saying fuck donald trump is the solution, right? If y'all want things to change, co-operate with the president and stick by him. Hating your president and protesting him changes NOTHING. That's Kanye's whole point. But you dumbasses just like to hate lol. Wearing MAGA is not racist, there is nothing racist about wanting your country to be great.

  4. Man Kanye is so smart he's fooling ppl. He says anything controversy that ppl will talk about him. That was his plan since he was droppin an album. The funny thing is there are many ppl who feel like kanye and no one says anything. Its only because he is a celeb its a discussion.

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