Noah Cyrus & Machine Gun Kelly DATING?!?

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Potential new couple alert! Noah Cyrus and Machine Gun Kelly just sparked dating rumors at a Grammys afterparty Sunday night and we’ve got all the tea.

What’s up? It’s Sinead DeVries here with Clevver News and it looks like Noah Cyrus might be leaning in to the whole new year, new romance mentality!

Last night, Noah showed up to multiple Grammys after parties with none other than Machine Gun Kelly.

First, they showed up together at 1 Hotel in West Hollywood for the Fiji Water and Republic Records’ after party.

They also sparked dating rumors after looking cozy together at the Sony Music Entertainment party at NeueHouse Hollywood.

From the pictures alone it’s obvious that they looked awfully close, snuggly, and comfortable together.

And we have to talk about how stylish these two both looked.

Noah rocked a striped jumpsuit, while MGK wore a white shag jacket over a black shirt and pants.

And according to sources these two were showing some PDA at these after parties.

Us Weekly reported that the pair walked “through the crowd holding hands” around the Republic Records party.

The source also said quote, “MGK led the way and held his hand out behind him for Noah to grab. They stayed close to each other throughout the night. They clearly came as each other’s dates.”

The onlooker also revealed that Noah and MGK were basically attached at the hip. They spent time at their roped-off VIP table and when one of them stepped outside for fresh air, the other followed.

So how do Noah and MGK know each other?

Well these two have actually known each other for a while.

She made a cameo in his “I Think I’m Okay” music video back in June 2019 AND he attended her 20th birthday party at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood earlier this month.

And on her birthday post she included a pic of the two of them and he commented his birthday wishes.

And fans are actually shipping these two.

One person said quote, “noah cyrus and machine gun kelly the duo i didn’t know i needed”

Another said quote, “pls i’m crying machine gun kelly and noah cyrus are the cutest”

And another wrote quote, “Reallyyyy hoping that @noahcyrus and @machinegunkelly are an actual thing omg they looked so good together last night!”

And I think fans are just happy to see Noah and Machine Gun Kelly both looking so happy.

We all know that Noah’s dating history has had its ups and downs.

She previously dated rapper Lil Xan from August to September 2018. But during their split the former couple accused each other of cheating and unfollowed each other on Instagram after their breakup.

Noah opened up to Breath Heavy about the split. She said quote, “It’s like mourning. It’s like losing somebody — you mourn that person. It’s like your body is in it. Like, it hurts physically — when you miss somebody — there’s so many emotions in losing somebody that you spent so much time with.”

Lil Xan then moved on to his relationship with Annie Smith, but there was serious ongoing drama and controversy with that one.

That’s another story for another day.

There were rumors that Noah was seeing Tana Mongeau at one point,

Back in December, Tana uploaded a video to her alt account, Tana Mongeau Vlogs. It was titled “I took my girlfriend’s phone and flirted with my best friend. Prank???”

And the thumbnail showed a photo of Noah Cyrus kissing Tana on the cheek.

And even though Tana was married to Jake Paul at the time, they were apparently in an open relationship, so anything was possible though Tana and Noah never actually confirmed a relationship.

But regardless, many magazines and outlets including the Daily Mail took that video and ran with it, publishing stories like “Youtube Star Tana Mongeau confirms she is in a relationship with Noah Cyrus while still in an open marriage with Jake Paul”.

But unfortunately for all the “Nana” shippers out there, Noah went on her Instagram story to set the record straight.

She posted “guys. We are FRIENDS. Relax”

So with this whole Machine Gun Kelly relationship, I feel like we have to wait until Noah confirms it herself to know it’s legit.

Until then, we’ll just been shipping them and looking back at those pics from last night.

But I want to know what you guys think about all of this.

Do you ship Noah and Machine Gun Kelly? And do you think these two are a couple or just friends?

Let me know down in the comments below.

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Thanks for watching, I’m Sinead DeVries and I’ll see you next time!

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