Notable ‘Black Panther’ Character Reveals Fate After ‘Infinity War’

For the last 10 years, fans of Marvel films have been accustomed to the wall of silence their actors operate behind during interviews. In an effort to not spoil future product, Marvel makes sure their stars keep it locked on information that might be deemed spoilers. That is, unless you’re dealing with Angela Bassett.

Bassett, the acting legend who has the chops to play both Tina Turner and T’Challa’s mother Ramonda in the box office smash ‘Black Panther’, doesn’t seem to give a f**k about those spoiler rules. During a recent interview for the upcoming sixth installment to the Mission: Impossible franchise, Fallout, Bassett didn’t flinch when asked if her character survived Thanos’ snap that made half of the population of the universe disappear in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

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27 thoughts on “Notable ‘Black Panther’ Character Reveals Fate After ‘Infinity War’

  1. it was so so so bloody obvious anyway. I think they could have killed anybody and we will fall for it. But simply for the success of Black Panther, it would have been suicidal for them to Kill the Best Black Super Hero Since the history of Superheros (on TV). Soon as he was killed, I realised it was just a bad joke they were playing… All other franchises have been long played, and killing any of them will seem like a plot twist. But killing Black Panther was just like aiite ya'll just taking the piss, have fun with that….

  2. I'm sure that Shuri lived, they have to have her as Black Panther to help bring her brother back. As for Ramonda she may or may not be alive. Remember there were a lot of ppl that died off screen with that snap. So far as I've heard the only person that the Russo brothers have confirmed that lived is Aunt May.

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