NYPD Officers Shoot and Kill Another Unarmed Black Man

New York City police officers shot and killed a black man they reportedly thought was holding a gun directed at them in Crown Heights, Brooklyn on Wednesday. NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan said authorities responded to three calls regarding a possibly armed man.

When five officers—three of them in plain clothes—found the man in question at around 4:45 p.m., Chief Monahan claims “the suspect took a two-handed shooting stance and pointed an object at the approaching officers.” The man was later identified as 34-year-old Saheed Vassell. “This is a guy that the cops see every day,” Crown Heights resident Latitia Richardson told the Guardian. “He is not a stranger to the community.”

Four of the officers responded to Saheed by firing a total of nine shots. The New York Times has received conflicting accounts from witnesses regarding what happened in the moments before shots were fired. While “some of the witnesses” claim they didn’t hear the officers say anything beforehand, “another witness” recalls hearing the officers and Saheed exchanging words.

When the officers approached Saheed, they discovered that the object being directed at them wasn’t a gun, but a metal pipe with a knob at the end.

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32 thoughts on “NYPD Officers Shoot and Kill Another Unarmed Black Man

  1. If the neighborhood knew who he was and posed no threat why they called the cops? And if he was like a dad to some of the people, they should have told him to holster that shower head….

  2. I saw all the fake news. Unarmed. Holding a pipe. A black man exicuted in broad daylight it has to stop. ,the video shows him with a gun,pointing it at radon people and police! But the race batters were out again witch is fake media liberals democrates blm! Glad there was video!

  3. I have the perfect solution for this race nonsense.

    The "hands up" hat, with lifelike arms held above the head with palms facing forward.

    Expose the racist pigs with the all new toy gun muzzle painting kit. Includes five safety orange caps for real guns and three bottles of testors to paint on toy guns.

    A clever loudspeaker with phrases "we keep talking about ending racism" "we need action" "police brutality *repeated 20 times*" and
    "you on YouTube now *repeated x10*"

    The "rabble rouser radio" police scanner.

    Get back at racist stores with an inflatable coat pocket liner.

    An inconspicuous shooting platform in the shape of a full grocery bag, includes a remote trigger.

    Hands up accessories.

  4. Complex this shooting was definitely justified stfu I have yet to hear you report the black man that walked up to a cop in the Bronx and shot her in the face this shit happen across the street where I live where you at for that where you at when another was killed by another black man in the west Bronx where a cop was killed when he was sitting in his patrol car

  5. So wheres the follow up story with the video of him walking around pointing a realistic gun looking object into several peoples faces including a woman walking a small child….marching and protesting like a bunch of tools..

  6. Where all the gangsta rappers at with their clan of killas? they can only kill the next rapper? why dont they get together and snipe these killer cops? …Kids stop believing the lyrics. its all entertainment

  7. Not unarmed he had a pipe and was theatening to kill the cops faking it was a gun fuck all you stupid media fucks. If someone threatens my life I’m putting ten holes in there head and of course you guys had to put black to get more veiws

  8. Police should be issued non lethal ammo and weapons. It is not for them to issue a death sentence to individuals. That is the job of a jury. Far too many officers going way too far. They should be forced to follow the rules of engagement our millitary are held to. We shoot our own quicker than we shoot our enemies. One might say we have more respect for our enemies than our own.

  9. oh so after getting numerous 911 calls the police are supposed to be able to identify handguns from across the street now?
    don't want to get shot?
    don't point metal objects at police with a shooting stance.

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