NYPD Reportedly Has ‘Enough Evidence’ to Arrest Quavo for Alleged Eric the Jeweler Fight

The New York Police Department has reportedly claimed they have “enough evidence” to arrest Quavo for his alleged altercation with Eric the Jeweler.

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32 thoughts on “NYPD Reportedly Has ‘Enough Evidence’ to Arrest Quavo for Alleged Eric the Jeweler Fight

  1. He needs to fucking chill. U rich now. Why u gotta fight everyone everywhere. Grow the fuck up. Arrested in vegas and now wanted in NY. Ur not gonna have anywhere to run soon. Idiot.

  2. Hahaha good!!! That whole group is jus a bunch of fools. They all try to act like they're Balln. But real life they wear blouses and hide behind each other they're just a joke how can anybody take anything they rap about serious, theyre not Gangsta's jus pussies possing…

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