Officer Fire shots At Suspect Who Rammed Pickup Into Police Car

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Tulsa police released videos Friday depicting a chase that led to an officer’s shooting at a driver who rammed his pickup into the officer’s patrol vehicle, injuring him. The pursuit occurred about Nov. 17 when Officer Clayton Hicks attempted to pull over a red Dodge pickup leaving the QuikTrip store near 31st Street and Sheridan Road, police said. The officer believed that the truck was speeding. When it didn’t stop, Hicks chased the truck, driven by 27-year-old Richard Jean Letourneau, through some nearby neighborhoods, police said. Near 26th Place and 77th East Avenue, Letourneau “slammed on his brakes” and reversed the pickup at a high speed into Hicks’ patrol car, police said.

Video footage shows the truck lead the officer through unpaved terrain before returning to the roadway, where the truck stopped and backed into the patrol car. Hicks fired shots at the pickup, but the bullets didn’t strike Letourneau, who fled in his truck after the patrol car was disabled, police said. Video footage indicates the officer fired over a dozen rounds at the vehicle before it fled. After the vehicle leaves, Hicks can be heard saying, “I’m hurt. He just rammed me. Shots fired,” to dispatchers. He later says, “I think he broke my arm.”

The truck was located abandoned on 28th Street near Sheridan Road, and Letourneau was found walking nearby, police said. Hicks’ arm was injured when his car’s airbag deployed. He was treated and released. Letourneau was arrested and later charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, leaving the scene of an injury accident, eluding and reckless driving. He is being held in lieu of $17,500 bond, according to jail records.

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