Officer Gets Shot in Leg During Shootout With Robbery Suspect

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A police officer was justified in shooting a man suspected of robbing a Capitol Hill convenience store at gunpoint and will not face charges, the Denver District Attorney’s Office said Wednesday. Body camera video of the shooting was released by prosecutors. According to District Attorney Beth McCann’s decision letter, an employee ran outside and flagged down two Denver police officers on June 13 when Carnell Nelson took out a gun inside the store along a busy section of Colfax Avenue near the state Capitol. McCann says Nelson shot first as police pursued him and struck officer Travis Lloyd in the leg. McCann’s letter says Nelson fired five shots and also hit a bystander’s foot. McCann says Lloyd fired 13 times, striking Nelson once in the chest. McCann says Lloyd was defending himself and other people on the street when he shot and killed Nelson. Police located two other people who had been injured by gunfire and both were taken to the hospital. A man had a graze wound and was treated and released, and a woman required surgery and ongoing hospitalization for a gunshot wound to her leg. Police believe she was hit by one of the suspect’s bullets, Archer said, and that the man’s injury may have come from a ricocheting bullet from one of the officer’s rounds.

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