Offset Buys Car for Man Who ‘Saved’ His Life in Car Accident

Offset has gifted a car to the man who helped him during his recent car accident.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Offset took a video of him presenting the car to the man, Jamar. The video caption read, “I WANT TO THANK @jlckingcash SAVED MY LIFE WHEN I HAD MY ACCIDENT HELPED ME GET TO MY DESTINATION SAFE ON FEET HE WAS WALKING FROM WORK WHEN HE SEEN ME CLIMBING OUT MY CAR SO I BOUGHT HIM A CAR GOD IS GOOD.”

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43 thoughts on “Offset Buys Car for Man Who ‘Saved’ His Life in Car Accident

  1. I dont think people realize offset bout the man a car he can afford,
    Imagine if offset bought him a Lamborghini, do u think that man can take car of that car… I dont think so

  2. All you fucks saying “that’s it?!” need to realize the dude was walking to work because he couldn’t even afford a car, and a cheap car is 1-2k

    if he can’t afford a cheap car HOW the fuck do you think he could afford insurance and parts for a luxury car you guys were expecting him to get

  3. Why are y'all mad he bought him a Nissan? If he bought him a luxurious car that guy probably could not afford the insurance if he couldn't afford a normal car.

  4. He's so awesome. such a amazing rapper. feel bad the world believes he got that thot Celina Powell pregnant. I don't believe they ever even met. She kept talking about a worker for the Migos. That's how she got his phone number I believe.

  5. Tell me this. Offset, a fuckin millionaire, you save his life and he repays you with a used 2006 Nissan. Trust me I wouldn’t be mad allll. I’ll be so thankful. But really bro….. a used Nissan._. Offset could’ve done better tbh.

  6. God is very good, yes considering how rich offset is a Nissan seems like nothing, but think about it, the man Is walking to his fucking job giving dude like a lambo, or a wraith would leave him with crazy maintenance fees, man I know maybe could’ve gave him something newer, but nigga car>walking, unless you’re job is close asf

  7. All of you need to shut up about "oh it's a fucking Nissan" . The guy who didn't have a car obviously didn't want an Audi or Benz cuz those things cost a lot to maintain . At least a Nissan is easy to maintain and he won't be afraid of scratching it.

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