Offset On Keeping Kulture Out The Public Eye, Almost Losing Cardi B + His Solo Debut

Offset explains the decision to finally post pictures online of his and wife Cardi B’s baby, Kulture. The Atlanta rapper also goes into how he doesn’t resent his dad and how being in jail has helped him focus his mindset and his music.

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39 thoughts on “Offset On Keeping Kulture Out The Public Eye, Almost Losing Cardi B + His Solo Debut

  1. Yee, make sure 2 eat a dick!!!! how dare u, try 2 play women like that, we know it happens, but u NEVA, play women like that with men!!! i know, no1 wants u, so u can't relate, all women aren't hoes, & know who they got pregnant by, regardless if he's famous or not!!!

  2. Just seeing this I am soooo proud of you Offset and happy for Cardi. There will be MANY temptations but God is able. I see you as Sincerely in love with your wife. At the end of the day you both know each other more than anyone else who has an opinion. Those opinions are insignificant. Focus my brother. Bless.

  3. Offset is an intelligent man and props to him for the principles he has. And check out the three musketeers trying to scope him out with those stupid ass questions like what he thinks of his baby mamas dating. 🤦🤦

  4. I was wondering if he was just gone come out and say something to Angela. Bruh. I love Cardi's ability to deal with a dog ass man. Old habits die hard. But I respect him as a man, period. One thing for sure, he love his children.

  5. I would love to hang out with Cardi and offset they are so down to earth real people!I love them both I usually cry looking at cardi interviews because people don’t realize how real, transparent she really is and then this video of her husband is like damn I want to invite them over to chill n eat seafood or bbq.Bless and protect them always keep up the good work guys!

  6. 💥Damn even 4 baby moms – that's a big headache for me – I'd rather have 1 baby mom with 4 kids from the the same woman ….it would make writing a WILL much easier…plus paying for only one mom's lavish experience is much cheaper than 4 moms, Transportation, fuckboys, investments, college, haters and most the uncertainty of life….a family needs order (personally I dont think I can handle being married while having 3 other baby moms plotting my ass out)💥💥…..but damn – respect for Offset on his father's issue….still loves his dad who abandoned him…that's crazy sometimes a dad can be ashamed of approaching a successful son he abandoned….

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