OKC Announcer Says Russell Westbrook Is ‘Out of His Cotton-Pickin’ Mind’

An NBA announcer said some dumbass shit Wednesday night.

“Westbrook is out of his cotton-pickin’ mind!” Fox Sports’ Brian Davis said during Wednesday night’s game Thunder x Grizzlies showdown when commenting on the performance of Russell Westbrook.

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41 thoughts on “OKC Announcer Says Russell Westbrook Is ‘Out of His Cotton-Pickin’ Mind’

  1. I didn't know that "cotton picking mind" is racist until I was in college. I grew up in a small rural area in Tennessee. I was taught to never say the n word or anything else that was racist or insensitive. For some reason, that phrase was left out. I'm sure my parents didn't understand that it's racially insensitive because they were so adamant about respecting every person regardless of their religion or ethnicity. I'm kind of glad the announcer said it because it brings the phrase out into the public arena and people can learn from it.

  2. This nigga Jesus in the comments talking about "u black?" Yes nigga we are and we don't want to focus on our skin, more we separate each other by skin the less equal we become

  3. That’s why the team needs to move back to seattle. Oklahoma is such a shithole state full of regressive rubes. When the thunder inevitably lose all their stars and fade into obscurity, their so-called “fans” will also.

  4. This generation of black people is the most sensitive group of blacks I have ever observed, if you was born between possibly 1990 and 2000 you are apart of the bitch made effeminate weak hearted generation

  5. Lmao this is why people will always be able to say what they want or do what they want towards black people Bc whenever things happen we're "overreacting", "being sensitive", or in "fake outrage" lol how tf can you try to bypass this comment lmao if you aren't black you won't understand why that's unacceptable

  6. My parents say this all the time and thought it was hilarious when I heard him say it live.. I get that racial tension is high but I don't think this was that big of a deal.

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