Oklahoma Deputy Fatally Shoots Suspect Who Stabbed Him

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A Sequoyah County Deputy who was stabbed while trying to serve an arrest warrant is on routine administrative leave while the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) conducts an investigation into the incident that left the suspect dead. Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane said Deputy Christian Goode was sore from two stab wounds but was out of the hospital and doing well considering he was stabbed twice by Phillip Joel Trammel, 30, of Muldrow. Goode was involved in an incident about 4:30 p.m. Friday in which he was attempting to locate and arrest Trammel, Lane said. Trammel was wanted on three charges that include forgery, non-payment of child support and non-compliance with the sex offender registry. Deputy Goode and Muldrow Officer Brad Roberts went to a residence in Muldrow in search of Trammell. Lane said the residence at 10th and Enid streets in Muldrow was not Trammel’s and a female answered the door when the officers arrived. When asked by Goode if Trammel was there, the female replied she didn’t know, but told Goode what bedroom Trammel usually stayed in, Lane said.

He said the woman granted Goode consent to search. Lane said Goode began to search the house and went back out to get Roberts to go through the home with him. As the two officers were conducting the search, they discovered Trammel hiding under a pile of clothes. Trammel came out from under the pile of clothes brandishing a knife. Trammel yelled expletives at Goode and Roberts and said he would kill them, that he wasn’t going back to jail. Goode was stabbed twice, once in the shoulder and a second time to the chest, below the left breast, Lane said. “He had a 5 centimeter deep stab wound to the chest. It missed a main artery by about one millimeter,” Lane said. After being stabbed, Lane said Goode managed to return fire, striking Trammel three times, twice in the torso and once in the arm. He said Goode fired a total of eight rounds.

Trammel died at the scene. Just after the shooting, Muldrow Assistant Police Chief Tim Keith arrived and placed a tourniquet on Goode’s arm before transporting him to a Fort Smith hospital. Goode was able to be treated and later released. Lane said Goode’s name was not released immediately as a precaution and is routine until family members are notified. Goode has been with the sheriff’s department about eight months, Lane said, adding that he believe Goode had been in law enforcement about four or five years. Lane praised Goode, saying, “He did the right thing. Lane said he learned from Trammel’s family members, after the fact, that Trammel had made statements that he was not going to be taken by police. His body has been sent to the office of the state medical examiner. Lane said Goode will return to work after the OSBI completes its investigation, which he said could take three to four weeks.

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