Old Video Surfaces of XXXTentacion Allegedly Hitting a Girl

A video of XXXTentacion hitting a girl on the head has resurfaced online.

In the video, X is dancing behind a girl, who’s filming herself. He then smacks her on the side of the head right before the camera cuts.

According to TMZ, prosecutors on X’s domestic violence case are checking the footage, which looks to be old due to his hairstyle.

X’s attorney Jaclyn Broudy told TMZ it’s “clear” X and the girl are friends and that “the video was taken completely in jest.” She also mentioned X has changed since the video and that people are trying to harm him by releasing it.

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43 thoughts on “Old Video Surfaces of XXXTentacion Allegedly Hitting a Girl

  1. Joke my ass he hit her plain and simple he was a brute to women in reality by the looks of this video, but his music was great that's the truth, he will be paying for his sins now, like we all will. there but for the grace of God go I they say…

  2. I think these people that does these videos doesn't have lifes. This video was about x hitting a girl. He ment it as a joke but nah she wanted to take up other things as that x has harrased people and gone to prison. And when someone tells me a thing such as that i say its non of my business and same with you. Dont care about what he did or what he does, be a better person then this girl and mind your own business. This is not hate this is a tips that can help everybody in the future cause people will hate on these videos.

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