Oscars Called Out for Double Standard on Kobe Bryant Rape Charge

As Oscar nominations flooded timelines Tuesday morning, people reacted with the usual mixture of praise and disappointment. Award shows are never perfect, as the Golden Globes reminded us earlier this month.

While the Oscars may have attempted to rid themselves of controversy by giving Get Out its proper recognition and including women (gasp!) in some of their more prestigious categories, the Academy is still getting flack for one nomination in particular. Kobe Bryant is included in the nominations for Best Animated Short Film for his movie Dear Basketball. The film is narrated by Bryant, and the former Lakers player celebrated the nomination on Twitter.

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39 thoughts on “Oscars Called Out for Double Standard on Kobe Bryant Rape Charge

  1. This post made me subscribe to this channel. Ex-LG 🤭
    I never really cared for Kobe (RIP) but stilll… how quickly people forget. No. How quickly money makes things go away.

    Sad for his wife and kids… but he was a creepO.

  2. Cant believe theres a petition to take his oscar away. The GOAT clearly just cheated. He didnt rape. Theres a difference. Mamba said the chick agreed to have it fifty shades style based on her body language. Hollywood is smart enough to realize that she was in for the money. Kobe deserves this Oscar. Stop being disrespectful with this petition yall.

  3. did anyone bring this up doing his farewell tour in the NBA!!?? nope because white women could care less about the NBA now that he getting honors in their field it is a big deal and he is black!!

  4. Can we let Keane keep his Oscar and take away Kobe's? Cause, even though it is Kobe's story, Glen Keane and John Williams did about 70% of the work…unless Bryant learned how to animate and score music.

  5. As a man who was mainly raised by women i wholeheartedly support this movement, even still to some degree but I've just witnessed my boy at work lose his job cus he called one of the staff members "sexy" apparently thats harassment, enough to throw a grown man father of 2 back in the streets. Now this bullshit?!? People are losing their fucking minds. In the voice of Jay-Z "i thought this was America people?" Guilty until proven innocent. Well bitch, he IS innocent in the eyes of the law.

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