‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ Dethrones ‘Black Panther’ at the Box Office

Black Panther has broken numerous records since it hit theaters a little over a month ago. It beat out other big-budget films like Tomb Raider and Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time at the box office in their first weeks, but the speculation that Pacific Rim Uprising would dethrone Black Panther in its sixth weekend at the box office turned out to be true. The sequel to 2013’s Pacific Rim took the top box office spot, making $28 million its opening weekend to beat out Black Panther’s $17 million, according to Variety.

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32 thoughts on “‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ Dethrones ‘Black Panther’ at the Box Office

  1. I was and bunch real comic book fans that new black panther before black panther was popular. Probably 80 percent of the people that seen this we're not comic book fans or even marvel fans. Or even knew black panther existed at _all. But people can become fans either way. I like black panther. But it was not a perfect film. I reviewed on my channel.

  2. Black ppl acting like it’s a competition when y’all benefit nothing from BP. Y’all only making the rich white man even richer. They give no fucks bout y’all. They just feeding off y’all fake ass culture. Swearing y’all woke but be blind asf. History repeats itself and white man stay finessing black ppl. I don’t blame them y’all be easy targets.

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