Papa John’s Founder Already Regrets Resigning Over N-Word Controversy

John Schnatter is expressing regret over his decision to resign as chairman of the pizza company he founded after reports of him saying the n-word surfaced.

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26 thoughts on “Papa John’s Founder Already Regrets Resigning Over N-Word Controversy

  1. Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga is not even a bad word why do people just fucken think its bad if u say it doesn't mean ur racists the word nigga was just made up like every other words😐👌

  2. they mustve just been waiting for him to slip up to burn him. it is hard to make the case that what he said was wrong. we gotta focus on the context and not just the word.

  3. Do you poor bastards that think this is so joyful, who are getting off so ridiculously on it, never stop to wonder about the increasing resentment you might be engendering in people? Do you not worry that you might have finally overplayed your hand? What is a pendulum? Think about it. And this: The Papa John's man (I don't eat pizza regularly, or ever watch commercials) IS THE VICTIM. He has been harmed. What harm had HE DONE, and to whom? I believe that when he said how he'd used the word in question, and that even in such a completely innocent context, he should not have used it, because it hurt people's feelings and that was all that mattered–I think he was playing sarcastaball (Southpark), thinking this was so completely wrong, unfair, stupid, and incredible, that he did not know whether to shit or go blind. People's feelings being hurt is the only thing that matters? That is scary. Only one segment of society believes a silly, hateful, irresponsible thing like that. And oh, BTW, it isn't black people. It is a segment of black people among others, including dangerously unintelligent faux leftist babies who don't read for real and can't find their way out of GROUPTHINK because it's so cozy there, so rewarding, that they can't even dream of leaving.

  4. This media training excuse is total bs. If a PR firm asks you a question about a African Americans and you immediately start off with racial slurs and stories about killing blacks you can't just say…."Oh I thought we were practicing". Even if that was true why begin with something so inflammatory? No. That's how you feel and you thought you had free range to just spill until they exposed you.

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