Papa John’s founder on using N-word: It wasn’t a slur

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter resigned as chairman of the pizza chain after Forbes reported he used the N-word on a conference call to discuss public relations strategies.


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30 thoughts on “Papa John’s founder on using N-word: It wasn’t a slur

  1. The funny thing is most of you idiots are worthless, dime a dozen, soon to be dead meatsacks. Irregardless of whatever "color" you brain dead fuckwits say or think you are. Acting butthurt over a word or language usage just signals to people how soft and delicate of a target you are. Dont be such a reactionary dipshit until theres something actually worth getting butthurt about.

  2. some of you are dumb as hell. no one is dumb enough to fall for a setup that gets you to say "niggas love my pizza" he would have to have an iq of a butter knife to not think what he's saying will impact his future

  3. Who the fuck cares everyone's said it for fucks sake your a damn liar if u say u haven't it's a fucking word grow the fuck up the people in charge of the media should all be shot

  4. Black people us that word more than everyone and in their shit music. When they use racial words against white people it’s ok. Doesn’t mean they’re racist. Example: Antonio Brown says he’s done with white women. It’s funny. If a white man said that about about a black woman, he would be racist. Yet, either person is racist for saying that. I can’t stand this shit anymore

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