Parents Sue 30-Year-Old Son for Refusing to Move Out

A couple in upstate New York are suing their 30-year-old son after giving him several notices to move out of their home, News 8 reports.

Over the past few months, the Rotondos have been trying to get their son Michael to leave, and even offered up assistance when he finally does. So far, their son claims he was not given “enough proper legal notice” to vacate the premises, and has refused to leave.

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43 thoughts on “Parents Sue 30-Year-Old Son for Refusing to Move Out

  1. Need help? Reality tv show casting. Is your adult child still living at home with you, claims to be looking for a job, but plays video games all day? Does your roommate consistently fail to pay their fair share of rent? Does your boyfriend/girlfriend live while you and let's you do all of the work to support them? We want to hear your story! Must live in California or a neighboring state. Send a short bio and contact info to

  2. This is the reason why when parents grow older, their children will not care about them and by most, put them in a long term care facility to die alone. The strong connection between parents and children is missing in the west.
    In my culture, we stay at our parents home as long as we want and until we get married. We are never expected to pay rent to them. When they grow older, we stay close to them, we give them money as they are no longer to work and support themselves and we take them to our homes as they age so we can give them the most amount of care and love.

  3. Do you know how many thirty year old that still lives at home, seen this and said OH SHIT They can do this? And all there parents had an angel of a child that day.

  4. My problem is the opposite, when ever i wanna move out my dad makes my life a living hell because from some reason he wants to decide where i get to live with my own money… I'm gonna move out with out warning them. lol

  5. This some white shit lol. On a side note, his parents failed him big time. He should do what black bitches do, have a kid and get section 8 and every benefit on the planet. I know bitches with 3 kids no job and has her own house and is living very comfortably.

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