Patriots Are Being Accused of Cheating Before the Super Bowl

Are you still trying to decide which team to root for in Super Bowl LII on Sunday night? Maybe this will help.

The latest Super Bowl will actually be a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX, which took place in Jacksonville back in 2005 and pitted the Patriots up against the Eagles. That game ended with the Patriots winning 24-21 and securing the third Super Bowl win for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. But according to a former Eagles coach, New England may have been victorious, in part, because of some signal-stealing on the part of the Patriots.

Former Eagles linebacker coach Steve Spagnuolo, who most recently served as the interim coach for the Giants, was on Philadelphia’s coaching staff back in 2005, and on Monday, he did an interview on Philly radio station 97.5 The Fanatic and made a series of serious allegations against the Patriots. Spagnuolo suggested the Patriots cheated during Super Bowl XXXIX by stealing signals from the Eagles throughout the course of the game. He claimed then-Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson realized what was happening about halfway through the contest.

“I remember through the course of the game Jim saying, ‘They’re getting our signals. They know when we’re blitzing…try to hide it, etc. etc.,'” Spagnuolo said. “I remember distinctly thinking, ‘Jim, I don’t think that’s true.’ Now I’m not saying this to him, because I just don’t want to upset him. I’m saying it to myself. ‘I don’t think so, Jim, just concentrate on calling the game.’ In hindsight, he was right. When you go back and look at that tape, it was evident to us.”

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24 thoughts on “Patriots Are Being Accused of Cheating Before the Super Bowl

  1. Another Patriots player in trouble, arrested trying to enter the US back from Costa Rica with ice tea bottle with marijuana in it as well as pipes and marijuana candy and more goodies. Seems when you run a dishonest organization, you give the message to players and employees that rules are made to be broken instead of standing up for what is right and lawful.

  2. This is stupid no one cares that the refs for the superbol are biased that guy headbutted cooks and took him out of the game and one of the eagles touchdowns should not have been one even a guy that hates the patriots said it wasn’t one but somehow it was

  3. More probable than notmeans 100 percent guilt???. It's hypocritical how a black run website finds 100% guilt against white Tom Brady over the phony deflategate garbage. Here are a few more FACTS that you choose to ignore.
    Ted Wells told Brady he didn't need his phone if he would provide his phone records. Brady goes to his appeal and brings the phone records but Goodell, the clown that hired Ted Wells, wanted the phone despite the FACT that they claimed then only wanted the phone to check his phone records. IT was just a distraction for haters for what was truly a frame job.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT PROOF DEFLATEGATE WAS A FRAME JOB! in a Fedral court of law and testifying under oath Judge Berman asks NFL attorney Daniel Nash, “What is the direct evidence that implicates Mr Brady,”
    NFL attorney Nash had to admit that no evidence exists where Brady directly ordered a team employee to deflate the balls.
    Why didn't the NFL say the Wells report was evidence??
    For a predominantly black news site, to ignore all the facts and condemn Brady over so many half ass claims and court testimony saying they had no proof of deflation, you are complete hypocrites! Try being part of the solution and not part of the problem. IF Brady was black, you would LOOK AT THE FACTS and be all over this story for condemning an innocent man.
    By the way, 2 of the judges who voted against Brady in the appeal were college friends of NFL owner John Mara. HE was behind this frame job that so many of you fell for and refuse to look at facts out of jealousy and hate!

    Prior to the September 6, 2006 memo and, 2007 follow up, from NFL head of football operations Ray Anderson, there was no league restriction on filming which is the reason the memo was sent.
    On November 12, 2006 — two months after the NFL sent its initial 2006 memo forbidding videotaping from the sidelines, endzones and "other locations accessible to club staff members during the game" and several months before the New England Patriots infamous Spygate "scandal"– the Jets were caught filming the Patriots plays and defensive signals from both endzones of Gillette Stadium. The Patriots had the New York Jets employee removed from the area.
    Hey morons who cry cheater, IT WAS NOT AGAINST THE RULES TO TAPE PRIOR TO 2006.

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