Pats-Gronk Workout Beef; Adam Silver Tanking Crackdown; Athletes Hiding F*ckery | Out of Bounds

Rest in peace to the Clippers’ Wesley Johnson, who was the victim of a homicide by James Harden crossover last night (check out the full story on the Complex: Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds team react to the move…and the long pause…and the look…that have everyone talking, and Gil shares the story of the time Dwyane Wade made a fool of him on the hardwood. Keeping it in the NBA, the guys discuss the anti-tanking memo Commissioner Adam Silver sent owners, and Gil explains how to identify and punish tankers. Moving to the NFL, the gang gets into the reported beef between star tight end Rob Gronkowski and the the Patriots, who tried to prevent him from praising the TB12 Method, Tom Brady’s diet and workout plan. Then, with Johnny Manziel telling the story of the time the Browns caught him in Vegas when he was supposed to be in Cleveland treating a concussion, OOB ranks the top 5 ways athletes have tried to hide their f*ckery. Gil shares a couple amazing Danny Fortson stories you do not want to miss. Finally, following a report that Russia will allow fans to bring weed, coke, and heroin to the 2018 World Cup if they have supporting medical documents, the team imagines how that’ll play out, wonders how you get a heroin prescription and if there are ulterior motives behind this, and decides if they would risk bringing drugs to Putin’s party.

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26 thoughts on “Pats-Gronk Workout Beef; Adam Silver Tanking Crackdown; Athletes Hiding F*ckery | Out of Bounds

  1. This Adam dude is corny af, when Gil finished the Danny Fortson story, his wack ass killed the entire joke and vibe talm bout "this wasn't even Detroit, malice in the palace"…huh?? get him off this show asap…he looks uncomfortable and cringy every episode

  2. If the nba did the best of 16 for the finals and a 1 to 30 ranking through the season like football(soccer) and the 3 bottom teams at the end of the season have to go to the g league for a season, and the top 3 teams from the g league go to the nba it would fix tanking …and the g league becomes more competative and get more investment as the teams would be independent and no sub teams of the nba #Myopinion

  3. Adam the only time you should be wearing a hooded short sleeve shirt is when you're on the block expecting the opps to role through so you keep the tec underneath with the sleeves cut off

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