People Are Buying Bulletproof Backpacks Following Florida School Shooting

It’s something that nobody should have to think about when buying a school backpack, but following this week’s horrific mass shooting at a South Florida high school, sales of bulletproof backpacks have increased, according to The Cut.

Yasir Sheikh, president of a Florida-based company that specializes in protective products, says the backpacks “sell themselves” when these incidents take place. He started selling the bags five years ago after 26 people were killed in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. While sales have been largely steady ever since, he indicated that they see a spike following a shooting. “Sometimes we see it instantly, sometimes it’s a few days afterward,” he told The Cut.

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27 thoughts on “People Are Buying Bulletproof Backpacks Following Florida School Shooting

  1. this is the dumbest shit ever. even if they shot you in the back you'd still feel it. it would hurt young children so bad I bet they'd drop to the floor in pain. it's like getting whipped in the back 3 times. then the shooter is just gonna walk up to u and finish u off. plus some dumb fucks think that bullet proof vests backpacks,etc work just like they do in video games, taking 100 shots and feeling no pain. if they shot u in the back 7 times with an m16 I bet one round would Pierce the armour by hitting a previous hole twice. same thing with the bullet proof blanket. if my teacher handed that to me I'd throw the shit away. 1 it's orange making your self a big ass target. 2 the shooter can easily lift the back and shoot u. 3 no protection on the sides what so ever. you'd be safer hiding in a recycling bin than camping in a big ass hallway waiting to get shot. the government could spend so less money by installing bullet proof walls and doors. or just have a cop at every school. I have one at my school named officer Roberts. use your brains dumb fucks. the impact would break your back if it hit you in the wrong spot. it could possibly paralyze u by hitting u in just the right place on your spine. then when your on the ground and can't move or feel anything just be greatful that u won't feel the rounds going through u. just a bunch of GTA players thinkin this shits gonna save u. might as well not wear one. I'd rather die instantly wearing nothing than getting shot multiple times feeling it and die slowly.

  2. Every student in America should stay home from school until the politicians do something about the gun laws in this country. They would be forced to do something quickly and to stop siding with the NRA 👍🏻🇺🇸

  3. How much are this backpack worth? Because the top and best bulletproof vest are only bullet resistant— not exactly 100% protection from a bullet — and if it’s a gun like a machine gun or magnum the backpack won’t do sh-t.

    And people can always go to the head :/ so…

  4. Mannn state is hotttt school become firing range , supremw u hear thatt? Take note bruh , jordan x supreme x us military to create a new hyped heavy kevlar body armour that suit millenial , woof woof.

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