People Are Dragging the White House Intern Program for a Lack of Diversity

In an unsurprising move from an administration that once included white nationalist Steve Bannon, the White House has come under fire after releasing a visual of the 2018 spring intern class. In the photo, President Trump poses with the 91 members selected for this year’s program, and many were quick to point out that the group, which appears overwhelmingly white, isn’t reflective of America’s diverse population.

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau, three-fifths of America’s population is non-Hispanic white,” wrote Tim Porter of Newsweek. “In the photograph, white interns appear to make up a far higher proportion of the group.”

Twitter users were a bit more candid with their assessment of the new crop of interns.

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32 thoughts on “People Are Dragging the White House Intern Program for a Lack of Diversity

  1. Those media pundits who don't understand the significance of this photo should read Theodore Lowi's 1969 book The End of Liberalism that predicted that the Democrat party would eventually strangle itself with interest group liberalism based on race and gender. The real issue is why President Obama was so fond of the crude comedians Key and Peele.

  2. Well this is such a shock. The reason that there's barely any diversity is because most of the other races do not care for Trump nor do they like him as president. So why be an intern for whitehouse you never wanted in the first place? That's why you don't see none, plus they probably would have never picked too many "others" anyway. And before you say wait there's a black guy in the photo, he's the only black guy in the photo and he is probably one of the 1% of blacks that actually like Trump as president.

  3. Ppl of reason listen up. The intern program is another indicator of an undisciplined, unprincipled white house. Please Keep it white. It most definitly should remain all white. Black ppl should not jepordize their future employment by seeking any position in this white house.

  4. I love all the angry white comments why are white people even watching this channel its not for you its for black people you guys need to get a life and find your own white hip hop channel oh yeah that's right white people can't rap.

  5. This is just stupid. Forced diversity isn't diversity; if none of the interns are non-white, it doesn't mean Trump is a Nazi. It just means that none of the interns are non-white.

  6. This is crazy just because there are more white people in the picture dosen't mean anything. people are way to sensitive about things like a picture. It's just a picture come on grow up and stop being so sensitive about things stop complaining your not a baby and you don't need to cry about every little thing in the world.

  7. Ummm liberal media has only falsely called him a racist/Nazi sympathizer for the last 3 years. But I wonder why young minorities don't want to be associated with the administration, hmmmmmmmm

  8. Sorry if this rubs some people the wrong way but I don’t think minorities really cared so much about whites running things in the White House because all of complex news major positions are taken by whites and they’re the ones making a story about it, not the minorities. Stop making everything racial

  9. He's better than Hillary and that sack of crap Obama. But that not hard 🤣 if you don't like the country like all those fake Hollywood people saying they were leaving..then please leave and go to Zimbabwe or South Africa or Afghanistan or Venezuela or Mexico and enjoy your freedoms and diversity. Self hate is a hate crime!

  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 People angered that the interns aren't diverse…. Those same people say fuck trump, we don't back him… they also praise when minorities rail against everything Trump….. What kind of filthy contradicting cunts are these complainers

  11. I'm not surprised. It's the TRUMP white house… I pray these next three years fly by and less shit gets destroyed for the majority of the country (not the filthy rich or extreme conservatives) because we are all getting fucked as each month goes by with this fuck in the white house.
    * I just read a few of the comments and it's really sad that people watching complex most likely watch Fox News and or live in a predominantly Red State. I must be stupid but I thought complex news audience was pretty much against Trump. All of you haters saying complex is fake news and that their Channel or dying is dying are clowns. You should all do your own research and stop watching Fox News. It's sad that you don't realize Trump is not on your side unless you're in the NRA or the top 1% of the country.

  12. Sorry complex, im black and i know the only racist here is you. You cause devision trying to ramp up controversy and point out things blowing them out of proportion. Having "diversity " for optics proves how dumb every executive at complex is and how dumb you think we are. Only reason i subscribed to this bullshit channel is STAR being on one of your shows. Other than that, your entire company is toilet paper and your employees are pieces of shit stuck to it. Like this gem you have reporting. A severe turd

  13. I think minorities would take the job if offered and put out that they really dont want to do it, but need the income and its looks great on the resume!!

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